Dog Duty With Kingston And Zuma

Gavin Rossdale Takes His Boys To The Dog Park

Gavin Rossdale and his sons took advantage of another gorgeous L.A. day.  Gavin, Zuma and Kingston were spotted taking their pooch to the dog park for a run over the weekend.  The boys were dressed like they had been at soccer practice before heading to the dog park with their furry friend.

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On Daddy Duty With Kingston & Zuma


kingston rossdale & zuma rossdale

Now that Gwen Stefani has her hands full with baby Apollo, Gavin Rossdale has to step in with their older boys, Kingston and Zuma. Gavin took them to play a game of flag football. I bet it was great for all of them to get out of the house and enjoy some sunshine. The boys also got to work off some energy!

I wonder how the adjustment is going to having a baby in the house? Usually it’s not the easiest adjustment for kids at first, with the baby’s round-the-clock schedule and crying and all. Kingston and Zuma will get to enjoy their baby brother a little more as Apollo gets just a bit older ;). For right now, they can enjoy some time out with their dad.

Photos by Premiere/VM/FAMEFLYNET

Super Bowl Fun With The Kids

Pregnant Gwen Stefani Takes Her Family To The Siren Studio Super Bowl Party

Pregnant singer Gwen Stefani and her husband Gavin Rossdale take their sons Kingston and Zuma to the Siren Studio Super Bowl Party in West Hollywood, California.  They enjoyed some football-themed games together throughout the day.  Also in attendance was Gwen’s ‘No Doubt’ bandmate Tony Kanal and his little girl Coco.

Gwen looked stunning in her chic all-black maternity ensemble.  I bet the expectant celeb enjoyed playing with Tony’s little girl this weekend!  She’ll have to take those girly “fixes” whenever she can get them since she’ll be surrounded by men for the duration!  When Gwen gives birth to her third son soon, it’s going to be four against one in her house!  Or as Gwen says, she’s remaining queen of the house!


Photos by Fameflynet