SoSonia: ‘Letter To My Daughter’ (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

sosonia a letter to my daughterPoet Sonia doesn’t have kids yet- at least, I don’t think she does- but she created this video of what she wants her future daughter to know. This latest SoulPancake video is another one that makes you really think.

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French Bulldog Does NOT Want To Go Night-Night (Viral Video)

french bulldog fights going to sleepWho says it’s only human kids who fight bedtime? Four-legged kids (i.e., dogs) are just as bad! This french bulldog puppy fights sleep for as long as he can in this viral video.

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Mom Does Her Best To Teach Her Cutie To Protect Herself (Viral Video)

girl has trouble learning stranger fearThis video is TOO Cute! This mother in South Korea is trying to teach her daughter to be wary of strangers. Unfortunately, this little cutie is a bit too young to get the concept. Why turn down cookies, ice cream, or the chance to go swimming? LOL

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Tia Mowry, Melissa Rycroft And Emily Procter On Huggies YouTube Channel

Huggies launched this branded YouTube Channel to celebrate squirmy babies everywhere. Moms of active little ones can upload their own videos to the YouTube page to create a commercial and make their squirmy baby a star!

Here’s the exclusive quote that Tia Mowry shared with Huggies about how much she loves being a mother to a squirmy little one, her son Cree:

I look forward to seeing my son’s milestones every day!  His new talent is kicking! He loves being carefree with ONLY his Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers on and this is the time he just lets loose! Pure joy!

You can watch the videos from Tia, Melissa Rycroft and Emily Procter on the new Huggies YouTube channel!

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