7 Daddy & Toddler Lessons – New Father Chronicles (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

7 lessons learned from toddler new father chroniclesIt’s been 21 months since LaGuardia Cross’s life completely changed when he and his wife welcomed their first child, Amalah. LaGuardia started ‘New Father Chronicles’ on YouTube to document his experiences. For this latest video, he decided to reflect on what he and Amalah have learned in her 21 months of life.

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Kids Explain Art To Experts (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

kids explain art to expertsReady for a laugh? This video will at least make you smile, although I admit I laughed out loud at some points ;). This is a SoulPancake video where a kid (Chris, who’s seven) tried to describe art to two experts.

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Interview With A Toddler President Part 1 (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

Interview with a Toddler Part 1Ready for another Super Tuesday? Getting sick (or scared) of the political season as the next Presidential race heats up? Well, this New Father’s Chronicles video will make you laugh: Amalah has decided to toss her tiny hat into the ring and run for President, too!

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SoSonia: ‘Letter To My Daughter’ (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

sosonia a letter to my daughterPoet Sonia doesn’t have kids yet- at least, I don’t think she does- but she created this video of what she wants her future daughter to know. This latest SoulPancake video is another one that makes you really think.

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Kids React To Lady Gaga (Viral Videos)

kids react to lady gaga 2We know the teens and adults love Lady Gaga. How do kids react to the pop superstar? Kids had a range of reactions. RELATED: Kids react to Honey Boo Boo.

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