DIY Mother’s Day Card From Toddler & Daddy (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

mother's day card new father chroniclesWell, LaGuardia Cross may have lost the battle with daughter Amalah for her to spring for the Mother’s Day gift, but, unfortunately, he had a budget of $0 for a gift. So he decided to go the DIY card and got Amalah to pitch in and help for this ‘New Father Chronicles’ video, called ‘DIY Mother’s Day Card from Toddler and Daddy.’
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11-Year-Old Protects Home (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

11-year-old shoots intruderThis is a real life ‘Home Alone’ story that is far scarier than the movie but had a happy ending. Eleven year old Chris Gaither was home alone when some broke into the house. OMG.

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Toddler Defends Grandma From Chinese Police (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

toddler defends grandma from policeSometimes, it’s best to just walk away. I’m sure that’s what China’s Chengguan, an “urban management” force that addresses possible crime on the streets. When some members of the Chengguan attempted to question a grandmother, her three-year-old grandson picked up a pole and started shouting at the officers. Oh my goodness!

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Irish Dad Gives Son Instructions On How To Turn On The Hoover (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

dad teaches son how to start vacuumIt must be a rite of passage in Western industrialized countries, at least: dads teaching their son how to mow the lawn. Dads are eager for this day: it means they can relinquish a major chore. It starts, of course, with a father showing his son how to start the lawn mower. This dad in Ireland decided to have a bit of fun with his son when it was time for the son to do another chore: do some vacuuming in the house.

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Father-Daughter Kitchen Dance (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

father-daughter danceFathers and daughters can have quite a special bond. This father and daughter shared a kitchen dance which someone (maybe Mom) caught on camera. Watch the sweet video after the break.

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