Wanda Sykes Didn’t Hide Breast Cancer Diagnosis From Her Kids

Actress and comedian Wanda Sykes is opening up about her breast cancer diagnosis and the road to recovery following a double mastectomy. Wanda’s breast cancer was first discovered back in February when she underwent breast reduction surgery.  They determined it to be ductal carcinoma in situ – a noninvasive type of breast cancer.  She opted for the double mastectomy, which was performed in August.

“I just wanted the best odds.  I made my decision because I love life.”

Wanda and her wife Alex were very open about it with their two-year-old twins, Olivia and Lucas:

“We never hid anything from the kids. They were a huge part of my decision because I wanted to be around for them.  I feel whole again, I really do. I’ve told them, ‘Mommy’s boo-boo is much better now.’ “

Photos by Fame

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