Get A Whole Maternity Wardrobe For Under $100 With Moody Mamas

It’s been a struggle for as long as women can remember – wanting to buy quality (and CUTE!) maternity clothes that won’t break the bank since we’re only going to be wearing them for a few months – yet we want to look and feel good for those few months!  Moody Mamas has the solution for us all!

Moody Mamas has been dressing celebrity moms-to-be with their high end lines sold at Nordstorms, but is now offering an amazingly low-priced collection available at Walmart! And the best part? They are CUTE and so inexpensive you won’t believe it.  That dress in the photo above? TEN DOLLARS! The pieces in line are priced from $10-$24 each.  That’s it!

The line includes pajamas, tops, bottoms, and dresses in a variety of stylish options.  And do not mistake “inexpensive” for cheaply made, but that’s not the case at all!

The sizes are roomy, so you may want to step down one size (who doesn’t love that?) unless you like a more “billowy” fit.

Check out the entire Moody Mamas line at Walmart’s website!  There are about 20 pieces in all – you won’t be disappointed!

*samples were provided for review purposes

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