Shares Parents’ Frustration With Common Core Math (Video)

stephen colbert common core confusionAre you a parent trying to help your kid with math homework and wondering what in the world are these word problems they’re giving to first, second and third grade students? It’s called Common Core Math. Stephen Colbert pretty much tipped his hand about what he thought about it when he called it “Common Core Confusion.” LOVE it! RELATED: Another funny video: Jennifer Garner said Ben Affleck taught their son about his “boy parts.” [Read more...]

JESSE PARENT’S Poem: ‘To The Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter’ (Viral Video)

jesse parent to the boys who may one day date my daughterEvery parent needs to watch Jesse Parent’s AMAZING poem, brought to us by Button Poetry. This is one seriously protective Dad, but his fierceness is actually heartwarming. You have to watch the entire poem, though: the addendum is the BEST part. RELATED: One Dad’s Saturday mornings with his daughter.

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One Dad’s Saturday Mornings With His Daughter
Viral Video

one dad's saturday mornings 2We all know parents love their kids. That doesn’t mean we necessarily love every single little thing about them, every moment of every day ;) Tony Serafini gets to spend Saturday mornings with his four-year-old daughter while his wife takes their older daughter to dance class. He made videos, every Saturday, of what it was like when they hung out together. Then he combined all of them into a time-lapse video that’s gone  viral.

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French Bulldog Does NOT Want To Go Night-Night (Viral Video)

french bulldog fights going to sleepWho says it’s only human kids who fight bedtime? Four-legged kids (i.e., dogs) are just as bad! This french bulldog puppy fights sleep for as long as he can in this viral video.

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