First Look: Emma Watson In ‘Beauty And The Beast’ (Hot New Trailer)

emma watson beauty and the beastHere’s our first look at Emma Watson in the live action version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’! This is a teaser trailer, and it truly is a tease ;). Take a look after the break.

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Be My Baby: How Ivan Found “The One” (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

how ivan found loveIvan is in fourth grade. Most boys in fourth grade have NO interest in romance or girls, but Ivan got lucky: he’s found the love of his life! Well, maybe that makes him lucky. He might have to think on that one ;).

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Jungle Book Guide To Toddler Takeover: New Father Chronicles (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

new father chroniclesLaGuardia Cross and his daughter Amalah had quite a video here: they were all about the ‘Jungle Book’! Have you seen the live action version? AMAZING. In this ‘New Father Chronicles’ video, there’s a bit of an, um, well, re-enactment. Kinda.

RELATED: Here’s a DIY Mother’s Day card made by LaGuardia and Amalah.

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Pugs Follow Toddler (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

pugs follow toddlerI found the most adorable Instagram account called pugsnkisses84. A family that breeds pugs post adorable videos of one of their own toddler and the baby pugs they have at home. Check out a couple after the break!

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Gordon Ramsey And Wife Tana Expecting Baby #5! (Video)

gordon ramseyGordon Ramsey had a surprising announcement on ‘The Late Late Show with James Cordon.’ The host, James, asked him about what life was like at home for Gordon and his wife Tana since they have four teenagers at home.

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