Big Boy Bei Bei Takes First Steps Outside! (Video)

bei bei panda cubBei Bei is a big boy (or cub) now! At five months, Bei Bei took his first steps outdoors with Mama Mei Xiang keeping a watchful eye. The National Zoo released the adorable video of Bei Bei’s first excursion.

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Something New For The Kids To Try: Rainbow Bagels! (Video)

rainbow bagelsEvery parent knows that one of the toughest daily battles you can face is getting your kids to EAT. If you thought your BFF the foodie was finicky, then you haven’t seen how picky a kid can be. When I first saw this video about the making of rainbow bagels, I thought: only a kid would eat this. Yet would they? Take a look and tell me what you think!

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Kevin Hart Is Overprotective Dad In Hyundai Super Bowl 50 Commercial (Video)

kevin hart hyundai super bowl commercialKevin Hart is perfect in this Hyundai commercial for Super Bowl 50! He is an overprotective dad who’s determined to keep things under control when his teenage daughter goes on a date. Check it out after the break.

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Super Bowl Babies Choir Featuring Seal (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

super bowl babiesDid you know that there is a rise in births about 40 weeks after the Super Bowl? I’ve heard of this phenomenon after major weather events, like hurricanes and blizzards, when people are stuck at home, but I’ve never heard about it in relation to the Super Bowl! Well, this is said to be true, which is the reason we have a Super Bowl Babies Choir. Check them out after the break.

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Jacob Tremblay Dishes On Meeting Leonardo DiCaprio (Video)

jacob tremblay and leonardo dicaprioNine-year-old ‘Room’ star Jacob Tremblay is making the most of every minute of the awards circuit! Not only is he winning awards; Jacob is also taking advantage of the chance to meet some high profile people. He talked about meeting Leonardo DiCaprio when he stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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