Celebrity Birthday Tracker for March 18th

Adam Levine Collage 3-14

Happy birthday to Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. He’s 35 today. Happy birthday to everyone celebrating today!

  • Country singer Charley Pride is 80
  • U.S. President Grover Cleveland died at age 71 (1837-1908)
  • Actor Brad Dourif is 64
  • Singer Irene Cara is 55
  • Singer-actress Vanessa Williams is 51
  • Keyboardist Scott Saunders of Sons of the Desert is 50
  • Guitarist Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains is 48
  • Rapper-actress Queen Latifah is 44
  • Comedian Dane Cook is 42
  • Singer Philip Sweet of Little Big Town is 40
  • Singers Evan and Jaron Lowenstein of Evan and Jaron are 40
  • Actress Sutton Foster is 39
  • Singer Devin Lima (LFO) is 37
  • Drummer Daren Taylor of Airborne Toxic Event is 34
  • US Olympic Swimming Gold Medal Winner Rebecca Soni is 27
  • Actress Lily Collins is 25

Vanessa Williams: Goodbye ‘Desperate Housewives’, Hello Soccer Mom World

Vanessa Williams may be saying goodbye to Desperate Housewives, but as she recently told Parade, her role as a soccer mom will definitely continue!

On her busy days: “I’m literally driving my 11-year-old to school and bringing snacks to soccer games and going to her swim meets, so there’s not much down time. But if I was away on vacation, my first stop would probably be to a spa to get a nice massage and relax!”

On the end of Desperate Housewives: “Unfortunately, that show’s going too, but at least we had a forewarning. They’ve been doing it for eight years, I’m just happy to be able to jump on the last two. It’s been wonderful. We still have another seven episodes to shoot, so we don’t finish until the end of April. The mood on set hasn’t been too sad because we still have a tremendous amount of work to do, but I’m sure after eight years it’s going to get kind of teary toward the end.”

On what’s next: “I’ve got at holding deal with ABC, so we’ll see what new projects they might have that could be right for me. I’ll also try to sneak in some theater in between and work on a new album. I’ve got a book coming out April 17, which I wrote with my mother, so I’m sure I’ll be busy with that as well.”

Read Vanessa’s entire interview at Parade.com

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Vanessa Williams To Write Book With Mom

Actress Vanessa Williams is writing a motivational book for women with her mom.

The Desperate Housewives star has signed a deal with Gotham Books to write about family, fear, success and loss – and she’s enlisted her mom, Helen Tinch Williams, to help.

The book, which is yet untitled, is slated for a 2012 release.

Williams’ mother is a retired, award-winning music teacher.

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Vanessa Williams Is Proud Mom After Daughter Swim Team Wins

Actress/singer Vanessa Williams was beaming with pride when she appeared on the show The Talk on Friday (12/3) after cheering her daughter, Sasha, onto victory in a swimming competition hours earlier.

The Desperate Housewives star spent her morning sitting in the bleachers at Sasha’s Los Angeles school to watch the 10 year old compete in a swim meet.  She had to dash off before the event was over in order to make it to the TV studios in time for her interview, but not before witnessing her girl claim gold in two of her early races.

Proudly clutching the first place ribbons in her hand on The Talk, Williams explained,

“Sasha, my youngest, is going to school out here (in Los Angeles) and she’s on the swim team and she just won her two swim meet awards.

“It’s happening now, so I… watched for the first two awards and had to leave, and she said, ‘Mom, take these (honors).'”

Aw, Vanessa seems like she has a close relationship with her daughter.

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Vanessa Williams Enjoys A Mother – Daughter Night Out

Vanessa Williams, mother of four, enjoyed a girls night out with her youngest daughter, Sasha Fox (10), at Boa Steakhouse in West Hollywood.

The former ‘Ugly Betty’ actress will be debuting her new character on ‘Desperate Housewives’ this season.  Vanessa recently shared that making the deal to become a cast member was quick and unexpected.

The day I met Marc [Cherry, Desperate Housewives creator], I thought it was just a general meeting,” “But I sat down and he said, ‘Listen, Steve McPherson would love you to join our cast. Do you watch the show? Would you be interested? If so, we’ll come up with a character together’.”  “I said, ‘Wow, let me think about it’. Then we talked about Broadway for the rest of the meeting, and when we left, he said, ‘I’ll have the agents get into it’. And it was done in four days. It was the fastest deal ever.”

Are you a fan of ‘Desperate Housewives’?  Are you looking forward to the new characters this season?

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