Vampire Diaries Star Fights For Custody Of Daughter

Vampire Diaries Stars Arrive At Their London Hotel (USA & OZ/NZ ONLY)

The Vampire Diaries star Zach Roerig has been keeping a secret: he’s a daddy!  The actor is dad to a baby girl who was born in January of 2011.  The news only surfaced because Zach is fighting his daughter’s mom, Alanna Turner, for custody.

Zach’s ex has been in trouble recently as is now sentenced to federal prison.  Naturally, since mom can’t take care of her, Zach has filed papers requesting sole custody of their daughter.

We hope everything works out for all involved!  And belated congrats to Zach on his daughter!


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Ioan Gruffudd Gushes About His Daughter On The Rachael Ray Show

‘Ringer’ star Ioan Gruffudd and his wife, actress Alice Evans (The Vampire Diaries), share a daughter, Ella Betsi, 2.  The actor stopped by the Rachael Ray Show today to talk family. Here’s a peek at the interview:
Ioan and Alice find a way to balance their hectic filming schedules:
“Unfortunately, that show (Vampire Diaries) shoots in Atlanta , so no we’re not in the same town. The last time she was there for 10 days. So I had Ella the entire time, playing “superdad.” It’s very exciting. I love it. I can’t get over what great company they can be.”Ioan’s daughter has started to speak:

“Now she’s able to communicate and starting to form full sentences and that evolution is just beautiful to us.”

He says Ella takes after his wife: 

“She’s very, very strong. She’s like her mother. So I’ve got my work cut out for me at home. She’s insistent on not going in her bed right now.”Ella would rather play in his trailer than the children’s playroom with Sarah Michelle Gellar’s daughter, Charlotte:

“Sarah’s got a 2 and a half year old daughter, so have I. I think they’re like 10 days apart. Well, my daughter comes to set and she’s like “No, no daddy. Trailer, daddy’s trailer.” She wants to play in the trailer.”



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