Singer Jewel Announces Split From Ty Murray; Plans For Co-Parenting

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After nearly six years of marriage, singer Jewel and her husband Ty Murray have gone their separate ways.  Jewel shared the news of their loving and amicable split in a blog post this morning.  Both Jewel and Ty have been working together on figuring out their lives together and now apart.

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Enjoying The Not-So-Terrible Twos With Kase


Jewel and her husband, bull rider Ty Murray, are questioning what all the fuss is about when it comes to toddlers hitting the “terrible twos”.  Ty shared with People that they couldn’t be more content with her son Kase, 2 1/2, and gushed about what a delight he is.

Ty shared, “He’s a smart, fun kid who goes with the flow. There isn’t one thing about it that feels terrible to me.”

Ty has said in the past that the thought of Kase following in his rodeo footsteps was not something he wanted to think about.  He shared that Kase has now seen his daddy riding – in a video. “A friend of mine was showing him a Youtube video of me riding the other day … he thinks it’s funny because he knows I’m not wild about [Kase] being a bull rider. So I turn my back and when I turn around, he’s showing him a video and Kase said, ‘Daddy flew up in the air!’ “

The celebrity dad IS excited about a different sport his son is trying out: skiing.  He gushed, “He did great, he had a really good time, and by the end of the lesson he was skiing on his own.  Jewel’s on about her fourth ski lesson. Them little guys just take to it. It’s funny how much quicker they learn.”   The photo above was shared by proud mom Jewel, showing off his first lesson.

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JEWEL Hoping To Give Kase The Tools To Deal With Anger

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Celebrity mom, author and singer Jewel is hoping to give her son Kase, 20 months, the tools to deal with anger and frustration.  In an entry for the initiative 1simplechange, she shares that the gun violence in Newtown has affected their family and she determined to help her son.

Jewel believes that the violence often occurs because the person never learned to deal with emotional problems in healthier ways.  She writes, “I hope to help teach my son to deal with frustration, and learn how to problem-solve in healthy ways, so that by the time he’s older and not under my wing, he will have some skills. Then when he gets frustrated or when something arises that is confusing for him, he’ll find ways of problem-solving and working through it.”

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Jewel Shares How She Spent Her Mother’s Day

Singer Jewel enjoyed a low-key Mother’s Day, her first one since giving birth to son Kase, 10 months. Jewel, Kase, and her husband Ty Murray hung out at their sprawling Texas ranch and enjoyed the laid-back life.

“It was magical.  I spent the day relaxing with my two favorite men, Ty and Kase. We hung out at the ranch and enjoyed being outside with our animals and nature.”


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Jewel’s Son Kase Is Following In His Daddy’s Footsteps?

Jewel's photo Cowboy Kase
Jewel on WhoSay

Singer Jewel took to her WhoSay account again today to share a cute photo of her baby boy Kase Townes. Jewel showed off ‘Cowboy Kase’, a spittin’ image of his rodeo-riding daddy Ty Murray.

Last week he was the world’s most adorable rock star.

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