Bryce Dallas Howard's Toddler Wants A Puppy

Twilight Saga: Eclipse” actress Bryce Dallas Howard says that her 3-year-old son, Theo, is begging for a puppy.  People caught up with Bryce at the Toronto Film Festival and she shared a little about her son’s desire for the pet:

He has a very strong point of view of life and there’s a lot of negotiating for a puppy,”

He said he would be fully responsible for training the puppy. I don’t know why he thinks he has the capacity to do that.

Although that would be expecting a lot from a 3 year old, she says that she and her husband are considering adding a dog to the family.

Well we are thinking about it,” the actress admits. “Maybe for his fourth birthday. We’ll see!”

Even without a puppy to chase after, Theo does a good job keeping Bryce on her toes:

He’s very physical and loves climbing, which is a little treacherous for his parents,” she says. “The house is totally baby-proofed! But we love to dance and sing. He dances to Michael Jackson. Every night we have a dance party after dinner.”

Photos by FAME