Tori Spelling’s Kids Send Out Special Memorial Day Message

It just wouldn’t be the right Memorial Day without seeing a cute picture of the McDermott kids, right? Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott along with their three adorable children sent out a special Memorial Day message on her blog. The pregnant celebrity mom wrote:

“I hope that all of you are enjoying a fabulous long weekend with your nearest and dearest… I’m busy putting my grilling skills to the test, but wanted to check in and wish each and every one of you a happy, healthy and safe Memorial Day!”

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Sweet Tweets: Tori Spelling Shows Off Her Gorgeous Girls

As Tori Spelling and her family prepare for baby #4, she took some time to share new shots of her daughters, Hattie and Stella, over the weekend.  She Tweeted this sweet shot of baby Hattie and then the photo below of Stella and her funky fashion sense!

Stella’s latest fashion creation..

Is it crazy that I keep forgetting Tori is pregnant again!?  One thing is for sure, Tori and Dean McDermott make adorable babies together!

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Quote Of The Day: Liam McDermott Wants To Go To College

Tori Spelling‘s son Liam McDermott might not have even passed Kindergarten yet, but he’s already setting his sights on going to college, according to his famous mom. Tori writes on her blog:

 “Liam says, ‘Look at me mama. Take a picture. I’m in college!'”

When Tori asks him if he knows what college is he responds, “Yes mama… It’s where big kids become adults.”

That Liam is a smart one, isn’t he? :-)

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Tori Spelling’s Son Liam Asks Her About Her “Milk”

Liam McDermott sure says the darnest things, doesn’t he? Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s son asked her mother recently about the status of her “milk production.”

Tori tweets Liam as saying:

“Mom is milk gonna come out of ur boobs now? ‘I said ” no not till baby.’ He said ‘why do they look so hard?’  ahhhh Silicone Son!”

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