Tori Spelling Says This Will Be Her Last Pregnancy

It looks like Tori Spelling is probably finally tired of being pregnant. Having had back-to-back pregnancies, I don’t blame her for feeling beat and tired all the time! The mother-to-be, who is expecting her fourth child with her husband Dean McDermott, wrote this on her blog:

As my 4th pregnancy is nearing the end I have bittersweet feelings. I can’t wait to meet and hold my little man or lady, and definitely I won’t miss having to pee 4 times a night or hearing my now pliable pelvic bones move and crunch when I try to pull myself out of bed in the morning. But, there’s so much I will miss.

I’m guessing this will be my final pregnancy and that brings tears to my eyes. I love being pregnant. It’s such a special time in a woman’s life. I love looking at my enormous baby belly and knowing that I am doing the most important job of my life… Making life. I’m a human incubator and it is such an honor. I also love feeling my baby kick and play and move inside of me. After doing this 3 times before it still amazes me. I pull up my top every time I feel movement and gaze in awe as my belly ripples back and forth, and I can see what appears to be small rolling mountains of little hands and feet travel across my stomach. I love never feeling alone and I love how everyone smiles at a pregnant woman no matter what mood they are in. I love how everyone calls me ‘mama’ and how my husband rubs my belly and tells me I’m the sexiest woman he’s ever seen. I also have so much fun dressing my baby bump. I usually opt for vintage and make it a mission to show myself and other preggers that you can totally look stylish at any point during pregnancy.

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Tori Spelling Is Out And About With No Make Up On

Pregnant celebrity Tori Spelling, who has been keeping a very low profile during this fourth pregnancy of hers, was spotted out and about on a little shopping trip in Malibu, Calif. on Sunday afternoon. The celebrity mom looked both casual and relaxed as she had on a cute floral dress and no make-up on.

By now, I’m sure Tori is probably thinking that she’s been pregnant forever as the poor girl barely got a break in between her two pregnancies. Take a look at our photo gallery below and let us know what you think.

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Tori Spelling Opens Up About Exposing Her Baby Bump

Tori Spelling is not shy to expose her baby bump in a bikini and she wants the world to know it. The celebrity mom has recently taken to her blog to lash back at critics who have criticized her for parading her growing baby bump in an itsy bitsy bikini in front of the paparazzi cameras (hey, if you’ve got it, why not flaunt it!). Here’s what Tori writes:

I have to say, I’m super proud of my bump.  Why should I be embarrassed and cover up something that’s the greatest gift a woman can experience? A pregnant woman in any shape or size is beautiful! Pregnancy is an amazing journey and we preggers should be able to show it off. I call it BUMP PROUD! Embrace your growing curves and bourgeoning belly. 

Plus, we are hard at work baking a baby. It’s not easy! It’s tough. We have aches and pains and things happen to our bodies we never imagined, so we should have the same right – if not more – to dress how we want without judgment. Plus, I would wear either of those bathing suits before pregnancy (and I have! Plus, the monokini is vintage and 70’s crochet chic) so why shouldn’t I be able to now just because I have a big baby belly? 

And, as for setting an example as a mother- please. I’m making a conscious choice to show my daughters that they can express themselves and be proud as a woman of their bodies. I don’t ever want them to think that they should be ashamed of or self-conscious of their bodies, no matter what shape it’s in. 

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Tori Spelling Teams Up With JCPenney For New Kids’ Clothing Line

There’s no doubt that Tori Spelling is a mama who can do it all.  Tori writes books, plans weddings, throws amazing birthday parties for her kids, runs a store, and so much more!  Now the mom of three (soon to be four!) is launching a new kiddie clothing line with JCPenney, as well!

Her new line, Little Maven by Tori Spelling, is set to launch in September and she shared a little about it:

“I searched everywhere and found it hard to believe that most baby clothes are still pastels with boring prints. I knew right away I wanted my babies in bright pops of color and fun, bold prints.”

The items will run from $12-20.  It seems the kids shared their input on the designs of the clothes.  “Stella even weighs in on the designs. Hattie is the perfect model, while Liam always wants everything to be cozy.  I made sure all the clothes are comfortable, but also chic.”

Get a peek at the new line!


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