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Tori Spelling shared Stella’s vote for president.  Hello Killy might do a good job in government, everything would be rainbows and sunshine!

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Tori Spelling Tweets Photo Of Her Daughter Stella’s “Bedhead”

Yikes! It looks like someone is in much need of a bottle of baby hair detangler. Celebrity mom Tori Spelling tweeted this photo of her daughter Stella with “bedhead.” I’m sure that wasn’t easy to detangle, huh?

I have a 4-year-old daughter too that constantly has tangled hair if we don’t spray and brush it with a bottle of hair detangler. Tell us Babyrazzi readers, do you have any tips on how to manage tangled toddler hair without the toddler tears that usually follow?

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Tori Spelling Takes Her Family To The Pumpkin Patch

One word: ADORABLE! Proud celebrity mom Tori Spelling recently shared a few new photos of her family – which includes kids Liam, Stella, and Hattie – on a day out to the pumpkin farm. Here’s what she writes about their experience:

“October time is pumpkin time. Halloween is my favorite DIY holiday and I love taking the kids to the pumpkin patch. It totally screams “Fall is here!”, except if you live in LA and then it screams “90 degree pumpkin sweat fest!”

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Tori Spelling Credits Stella For Saving Her Life

Tori Spelling has been sharing more details about her terrifying experiences during her fourth pregnancy.  The mom of four was diagnosed with placenta previa early in the pregnancy and experienced several bleeds before the one that landed her in the hospital for the rest of her pregnancy.   Hospitalization is a much better alternative than what could have happened, had it not been for Stella’s braveness.

Tori shares what happened the night that things turned life-threatening.  “I stumbled to the bathroom, dizzy from losing so much blood. When I got there, I thought, ‘This is it.  There was so much blood I thought, ‘I’m dying. Not just [losing] the baby, but I’m dying.’”

“I had to scream for Stella and I’ll never forget the look on her face when she saw me surrounded by blood everywhere. I didn’t want to panic her and I said, ‘Baby, will you go get Daddy? Just tell him I’m bleeding. ’  Her eyes were as big as saucers and — this is going to make me cry — she looked like such a little toddler warrior. She said, ‘Okay, Mama’ and she ran. And two seconds later Dean came in and basically had to wrap me up to get me to the hospital.”

Tori says that Stella still has a vivid memory of that night. “She never forgets that. She says to me all the time, ‘Mama, do you remember that day when we woke up and you were bleeding?’ And I [say], ‘I do remember that day because you saved me.’ I hope it won’t stick with her in a scarring way.”


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