She’s Done Having Kids (For Now)

The Helping Hand Of Los Angeles Annual Mother's Day Luncheon

With four kids in the house, there’s no doubt that Tori Spelling runs a very busy household! The Hollywood actress and celebrity mom says that she has her hands so full now that she’s ruling out any future children…. for now (and we don’t blame her!). Here’s what we’re reading:

“After the pregnancy I went through with Finn, he will forever be my baby,” she confides to Life & Style. Though she’s decided not to have any more kids, the 40-year-old admits, “I’m sure I’m always going to want more because I love the whole feeling of being pregnant and having your babies.”

Yeah, something tells me that Tori might have yet another child down the road. She just seems like the type of person that was born to be a mother. What do you guys think?

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Kids Don’t Recognize Her On Old Episodes of 90210

The Helping Hand Of Los Angeles Annual Mother's Day Luncheon

Donna Martin who?  Former “Beverly Hills, 90210″ star Tori Spelling is having a tough time being recognized for her TV least with her children!  The mom of four has been caught watching the show by her two oldest kids, Liam and Stella, but neither recognize their mom!

Tori, who just celebrated her 7th wedding anniversary with husband Dean McDermott, shared, “One time I was watching it and Liam and Stella were there, and I was going to switch the channel, and then I was like, You know what? I want them to see me. And so I came on and I was like, “Guys, do you know who that is?” And they were like, “No, who’s that?” I will show them pictures and be like, “Who’s that? Is that Mommy?” And they’re like, “No.” If I show them pictures of anything Donna Martin, they have no idea. I don’t think I look that different. I mean, I know I’m older. But they can’t recognize me at all. It’s devastating.”

That is so funny!  She doesn’t look that different now, does she?


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Mother’s Day Tribute To The Most Fashionable Celebrity Moms! (Photos)


Some of our favorite celebrity moms can go from the red carpet to the car pool with ease, balancing their glamorous careers and their every day family life.  Here’s our Mother’s Day salute to those moms who keep their morning school run style chic and fun!

Above: Singer Gwen Stefani rocks some of the most creative wardrobe choices out there.  Gwen is seen running her sons, Kingston and Zuma, to school, taking them to zoos, parks and museum, all the while looking fabulous and fashionable!

Sarah Jessica Parker Takes Her Kids To School

Sarah Jessica Parker’s morning school run with her kids James, Marion and Tabitha, is one of the most photographed events of the day.  Sarah Jessica looks every bit the fashionista that she is whether she’s wearing sweats or stilettos!


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See Which Celebrity Moms And Dads Are Celebrating A Wedding Anniversary In May!

New Years Eve Hits New York

Keeping a marriage going strong is no easy task for celebrities, but these happy Hollywood couples are beating the odds!  See which stars are celebrating a wedding anniversary in the month of May!

May 2013 Celebrity Wedding Anniversaries

May 2nd – Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgard  (4 years)

May 7th -Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott  (7 years)

May 9th – Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman (9 years)

May 14th – Antonio Banderes And Melanie Griffith (17 years)

May 19th – Jessica Alba and Cash Warren (5 years)

May 19th – Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick (16 years)

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