Tori Spelling Shares New Photo Of Her And Daughter Hattie

Tori Spelling is one mother who has her hands full. While I couldn’t imagine having four children under five, it looks like Tori is handling it with ease (and with extra help, of course). The new mom, who just gave birth to her fourth child Flynn last month, tweeted out this photo of her bottle feeding her daughter Hattie with a Born Free bottle.

I just can’t believe how BIG Hattie has gotten, right? She’ll be celebrating her first birthday around the corner, too. And I have to say that Tori is looking pretty fantastic as well. It’s got to be that “mom glow” she has going on! :-)

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Tori Spelling Home From The Hospital!

Tori Spelling is out of the hospital and back home, reunited with her four babies!  The actress and reality show star shared on her blog:

Hi everyone – I wanted to let you know that I am home from the hospital, on the road to recovery, and overjoyed to be back with my family. I am so thankful for all of your love and support these past couple of weeks. It has meant so much to me.

I will be back to blogging tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Tori was rushed to the hospital earlier this month after she suffered complications from her C-Section after giving birth to her son Finn on August 30th.

We’re so glad to hear she’s home and doing well!

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Tori Spelling Rushed To The Hospital With Post-Pregnancy Complications

Oh no! Only a few days after celebrity mom Tori Spelling gave birth to her fourth child, her son Flynn, the actress was rushed back to the hospital with post-pregnancy complications, according to reports.

TMZ has the scoop on the story“The actress was rushed to the hospital on Saturday. Details surrounding the complication are unclear, but we’re told it stems from the c-section procedure she underwent on August 30th while giving birth to her son Finn.  Tori is still in the hospital recovering.”

Interestingly, Tori experienced postpartum complications last year after giving birth to her 3rd child Hattie. Just weeks after the birth, she was hospitalized for migraines.

We’re wishing Tori all the best and hopefully she’ll get better soon!

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Tori Spelling’s Son Liam Starts Kindergarten

Well here’s a little dose of cuteness for a Thursday afternoon!  Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott shared this adorable photo of their son Liam on his first day of Kindergarten. Here’s a tidbit of what she says in her blog:

At drop off I watched him in his blazer and tie, hair combed neatly and shoulders back, pull his Star Wars backpack on wheels into the unknown down the school corridor to his classroom.  Accompanied by a few other students and a teacher, he looked back to see if Dean and I were still waiting there. Still there?! I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. When his eyes caught mine I frantically waved, smiled and blew him kisses.  He blew me a kiss back and gave me a thumbs-up, as if to say “Mom, I’m OK. Don’t worry. It’s all good”. 

In that moment, my five year old completely settled my nerves. I’ve spent five years calming him down with every fall, scrape, tantrum, scared-to-sleep-in-the-dark moment, and now the tables had turned. He was calming me down, and I realized then and there that something had shifted.  We were embarking on a new path together.  It was a small turn, but I realized that I now had a new type of partner in life that would always be there for me, and I for him.

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