Tori Spelling Ready To Talk About Religion With Her Kids

Actress and celebrity mother Tori Spelling just welcomed her third baby to the world a few months ago and now she’s ready to tackle another hurdle through motherhood: talking to her kids about their religion.

According to the mother-of-three, she said that she overheard her two older kids, Liam and Stella, talk about their religion recently and is contemplating whether or not to talk about her children about their heritage just yet. Tori writes on her ediTORIal page:

This morning I walked into the kids’ room and I heard Liam and Stella talking to each other. Liam said to Stella “you’re a Jewish” and Stella said, “No Liam, you’re a Jewish.” I walked in and said “technically you are both Jewish.”

They both asked why and I said, “because I’m Jewish,” to which Stella replied, “you’re not Jewish, you are just a mom.” I then asked them, without having a completely proper answer prepared, if they knew what being Jewish meant. They both said No. 

Tell us, when do you think is the most appropriate age to talk to children about their religion and heritage? Have you had this conversation with your kids already?

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