Tori Spelling’s Son Liam Starts Kindergarten

Well here’s a little dose of cuteness for a Thursday afternoon!  Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott shared this adorable photo of their son Liam on his first day of Kindergarten. Here’s a tidbit of what she says in her blog:

At drop off I watched him in his blazer and tie, hair combed neatly and shoulders back, pull his Star Wars backpack on wheels into the unknown down the school corridor to his classroom.  Accompanied by a few other students and a teacher, he looked back to see if Dean and I were still waiting there. Still there?! I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. When his eyes caught mine I frantically waved, smiled and blew him kisses.  He blew me a kiss back and gave me a thumbs-up, as if to say “Mom, I’m OK. Don’t worry. It’s all good”. 

In that moment, my five year old completely settled my nerves. I’ve spent five years calming him down with every fall, scrape, tantrum, scared-to-sleep-in-the-dark moment, and now the tables had turned. He was calming me down, and I realized then and there that something had shifted.  We were embarking on a new path together.  It was a small turn, but I realized that I now had a new type of partner in life that would always be there for me, and I for him.

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Tori Spelling Opens Up About Exposing Her Baby Bump

Tori Spelling is not shy to expose her baby bump in a bikini and she wants the world to know it. The celebrity mom has recently taken to her blog to lash back at critics who have criticized her for parading her growing baby bump in an itsy bitsy bikini in front of the paparazzi cameras (hey, if you’ve got it, why not flaunt it!). Here’s what Tori writes:

I have to say, I’m super proud of my bump.  Why should I be embarrassed and cover up something that’s the greatest gift a woman can experience? A pregnant woman in any shape or size is beautiful! Pregnancy is an amazing journey and we preggers should be able to show it off. I call it BUMP PROUD! Embrace your growing curves and bourgeoning belly. 

Plus, we are hard at work baking a baby. It’s not easy! It’s tough. We have aches and pains and things happen to our bodies we never imagined, so we should have the same right – if not more – to dress how we want without judgment. Plus, I would wear either of those bathing suits before pregnancy (and I have! Plus, the monokini is vintage and 70’s crochet chic) so why shouldn’t I be able to now just because I have a big baby belly? 

And, as for setting an example as a mother- please. I’m making a conscious choice to show my daughters that they can express themselves and be proud as a woman of their bodies. I don’t ever want them to think that they should be ashamed of or self-conscious of their bodies, no matter what shape it’s in. 

Photos by Tori Spelling

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