Pregnant Man To Become A Surrogate

Thomas Beatie, the world’s first transgender man to give birth, is hoping to make history again – by becoming the world’s first transgender surrogate.

The 36 year old and his wife Nancy welcomed their third son in July (10) and now Beatie has plans to get pregnant again – to help couples who can’t conceive.  He tells Life & Style magazine,

“When I was first approached with the idea, I thought it was crazy. Then I thought about what it means and what having a family means to us. I thought, ‘This is a huge deal and I’m capable of it, why not?’

“If I can do this and help make another family fulfil their dream of having a child, then that’s what I want to do.”

And if that plan doesn’t work out, Beatie, who was a subject of an Oprah Winfrey TV expose, is hoping to have one more kid of his own:

“If we don’t find the right family for surrogacy, I think I have one more person inside of me.”

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