Elisabeth Hasselbeck Reveals Her Family’s Halloween Costumes

‘The View’ co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck sat at a different table this week to chat – she made an appearance on The Rachel Show, which will air on Tuesday, October 25th.

Elisabeth chats with Rachel on everything from having a mammogram with her co-star Sherri Shepherd and even who her top pick for a special guest-host would be.  During their talk, she shared what her family will be dressing up as for Halloween:

“We’re all being Jake and the Neverland pirates. Which, I have to say to the parent company, Disney; we need a package version of Jake and the Netherland pirates, because I’ve been putting together this costume. I’m the parrot, Tim’s Captain Hook, little Isaiah’s Cubby…Grace has it all figured out and we’re just going to trick-or-treat like crazy. I love Halloween.”

Tune in on Tuesday to watch the full interview, where she even divulges what went down at Sherri Shepherd’s bachelorette party.

Photos courtesy of The Rachel Ray Show

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