“Got Milk” Ad With His Son!


Now this is just TOO ADORABLE! Hollywood actor and celebrity dad Taye Diggs has posed for the latest “Got Milk” ad with his son Walker and we are just lovin’ it!

In the shot, the father-son duo look adorable donning the famous milk mustaches while getting ready to dig into cereal with berries and milk. The proud papa tells People Magazine:

“Being able to shoot the Got Milk? ad with my son was one of the better times in life just because, obviously, the ad is going to last forever.”

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Taye Diggs Talks About His New Children’s Book ‘Chocolate Me’

Celebrity dad Taye Diggs has written a children’s book titled ‘Chocolate Me‘.  The father of one, son Walker, 2, shares what message he wanted to put out there and what inspired him to write the book.

A little about the book:

The boy is teased for looking different than the other kids. His skin is darker, his hair curlier. He tells his mother he wishes he could be more like everyone else. And she helps him to see how beautiful he really, truly is.

For years before they both achieved acclaim in their respective professions, good friends Taye Diggs and Shane W. Evans wanted to collaborate on Chocolate Me!, a book based on experiences of feeling different and trying to fit in as kids. Now, both men are fathers and see more than ever the need for a picture book that encourages all people, especially kids, to love themselves.

Taye credits Tyson Beckford for helping him to be proud of the skin he was born in:

“When I saw Tyson Beckford hailed as this beautiful man by all people, that caused a shift in my being.  I remember literally waking up and walking the streets the next day and, because I had a bald head as well, feeling a little bit more proud.”

Why he wrote the book:

The idea to write this book came far before I was a father. I knew that I wanted to be a father, but that had no influence on the actual writing of the book. The inspiration came straight from more of an experience of being a son… my mother’s son. That being said, once we got pregnant, my perspective completely transformed and though the words didn’t change, though the message didn’t change, how I felt about what I was writing changed and I just started to get really excited for the day that I could read my book to my son

On the way kids see skin color:

At five-years-old, none of us knew the can of worms we were opening… the little white kids who were making fun of me, they didn’t know. Their whole questioning was coming from the fact that I was different. None of them ever used the N word or negro. They just knew, “ok, his skin is brown, my skin is white, his skin is white, his skin is white, let’s make fun of him.” It wasn’t even in a nasty way at 5. But I obviously didn’t take it well. And then the older you get, once that understanding came, then that was a whole different issue. Then you have to deal with serious self-reflection. My mother was very fair skin and my dad was dark. And back in my mother’s day, she was seeking out the dark men because she didn’t feel black enough. So it’s a continuing issue. We’ve come a long way, but I don’t think we’re fully over it as a society.

On raising a mixed race child:

Me and my wife, we discuss this and we’re still trying to figure some of this out just with Walker and what he should call himself and how he views himself. When I was growing up if you were half a shade darker than white, the white people would not accept you. You weren’t white. These days, thank God, people are a little bit more accepting and people’s views are broadening and it’s not as accepted to just choose one, how you might have been forced to in the past. I think it depends on the parents’ perspective and how they feel about those issues and how they kind of want to pass that down to their child. As proud as I am of my blackness, I think it’s important to show Walker that he should be just as proud of his Jewish mother and all of the culture that that includes as well.

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Taye Diggs Deals With The Terrible Twos

Private Practice actor Taye Diggs recently opened up to Parade magazine where he talks about his son, Walker, hitting the terrible twos and where he and his wife, Idina Menzel, would like to see their son when he gets older.

On Walker’s Terrible 2s: “Well, I’d be lying if I said he wouldn’t be going through them. I’m not sure if they’re all terrible, but it’s not all sunshine and lollipops. He’s become very familiar with the words ‘mine’ and ‘no.’ But it’s really hard to be annoyed because any time something comes out of his mouth, I am amazed he’s a working human being. Sometimes it feels like he’s a science project we took a risk on and experimented on and it’s all working. We read the instructions and we put it together okay.”

On whether he and Idina are excited for Walker to follow in their footsteps: “We’re just excited period. I have a basketball in his crib. I just want to make sure he’s well-rounded. He can do whatever he wants. I don’t want him to be in a position where he’s hating us for not putting him in piano or dance lessons. I want him to experience everything so he has a solid grasp and choice.”

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Taye Diggs And Idina Menzel Hit The Farmers' Market

‘Glee’ star Idina Menzel and her husband, ‘Private Practice’ star Taye Diggs, spent their Sunday morning at the farmers’ market.   Their little guy, Walker Nathaniel, struggled to get down and walk on his own.  He won that battle, but dad gave him a hand as they walked around the market in Hollywood.

Walker will turn one-year-old already on September 3rd.  I am so embarrassed to admit that I had no idea Taye and Idina were married – and they got married way back in 2003!! Where have I been????!!!!

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