Man Charged In Jet Ski Accident That Killed Stepson Kile

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Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster have some closure more than a year after the death of Tameka’s son Kile Glover.  After a jet ski accident that took the life of Kile, their family friend Jeffrey Hubbard was found guilty yesterday of  homicide by vessel, reckless operation, and unlawful operation of a personal watercraft. Kile was just 11 years old.

The family hasn’t spoke out about yesterday’s verdicts.

Since Kile’s passing, Tameka created a charity in his name.  She founded “Kile’s World”, an organization that helps fund underprivileged children who want to attend summer camp.

Our thoughts are with Kile’s family.

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Tameka Foster Speaks Out After Son Usher Raymond’s Pool Accident


Last week Usher’s son, Usher V, with ex-wife Tameka Foster nearly drowned in the family pool in Atlanta.  The couple faced off in court shortly after, with the judge finding in favor of Usher keeping custody of his sons.

Tameka appeared on Good Morning America today to talk about the accident.  She shares her anger over the incident, “I was mad because I was like, ‘How did this happen? Who was watching him? Why was my son under water for nearly 3 minutes?'” In Usher’s defense, the aunt was right there and only left to go get help because she couldn’t get his arm free – it took two men to do it!

Even though she’s angry, Tameka says she doesn’t blame Usher, but she firmly believes it wouldn’t have happened on her watch.  “I didn’t blame him for it, I just was angry that it happened on his watch, Because, while accidents happen, never have my children been injured on my watch.”

Tameka is hoping that the court will allow her more time with her sons, “I’d like to have my first right of refusal, which means when he is not present, the kids come home to their mom. They don’t stay home with the nanny and watch whatever show he’s on. They come home to their mother.”


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Prevails In Emergency Custody Hearing With Tameka Raymond

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After Usher’s son, Usher V, was in a pool accident earlier this week, Tameka Foster-Raymond requesting an emergency hearing, fearing for her sons’ safety in their father’s care.  The two faced off in court yesterday afternoon Tameka testified that she had concerns over Usher’s aunt Rena caring for her boys after the pool accident.

After hearing the parents’ testimony the judge sided with Usher, sharing that he didn’t feel there was any safety issue since the pool incident was an accident that could’ve happened under anyone’s watch.

It also came to light that there were still some underlying issues between Usher and Tameka that may have fueled their tensions.  Usher filed a request last week to reduce the amount of child support Tameka receives.  Usher has sole custody of their boys, but his child support paid to Tameka ($8,000) is still the amount that he was paying when they were sharing custody.

Hopefully these two can eventually get to a place of peace and positive co-parenting.


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Judge Makes A Ruling In Usher And Tameka Foster’s Custody Battle

After a long and emotional battle, Usher and Tameka Foster’s custody fight is over.  A judge ruled today that Usher would have primary custody of his two sons, Usher and Naviyd.

The two had been tossing allegations of bad parenting and drug use and neglect around, but it seems that the trial is over.  Tameka will still have some custodial rights, but the boys will be with their famous father fora majority of the time.

Earlier last week the judge did order Usher to reopen Tameka’s Saks Fifth Avenue account that he closed out on her (it was in her name), citing that she needed it for her work as a stylist.

It’s sad that their disagreements came to this nasty legal battle, but hopefully they can now put it behind them and move forward in a positive way for the sake of their sons.


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Usher’s Stepson, Kile Glover, Passes Away After Jet Ski Accident

Tameka Foster’s son, Kile Glover, 11, passed away over the weekend.

Kile, former stepson of singer Usher, had been inner tubing on July 6th on Lake Linear when a jet ski hit him and another girl, 15.  Kile was declared brain dead a few days after arriving at the emergency room.  The family made the difficult decision to take him off of life support after doctors assured them there was no chance of his recovering.

An investigation into the accident is ongoing.

Our thoughts are with Tameka and her family.


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