Game Night Is Back With Taboo

We’re big fans of board games in our house and we have the overflowing hall closet to prove it!  I’ll admit that we haven’t pulled out our Taboo game in a long while, but now our love for the game has been rekindled.  Hasbro updated this classic team-player board game and it’s like brand new all over again!  A few things they did to shake things up with Taboo: added new content, a new game changing die and even a new buzzer noise.

The object of Taboo is basically trying to guess as many “Goal Words” as possible without breaking the rules! In order to guess a goal word, you have to try to describe it and give hints without using any of the taboo words listed and by following a few other rules:

  • No saying the word that is on the card
  • No making gestures
  • No noises allowed except for singing
  • No rhyming
  • No abbreviations or initials, etc.

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*sample provided by Hasbro

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