The Broderick Twins Skip Off To School With Dad Matthew

Matthew Broderick Walks His Daughters To School

How’s this for a fun Friday photo? Sarah Jessica Parker’s twin daughters Tabitha and Marion skipped off to school in sweet dresses and ballet flats, carrying their matching yellow backpacks.  The girls were all smiles as they dashed ahead of their dad, Matthew Broderick.

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Daughters Dress Alike This Time…

Sarah Jessica Parker Walks Her Daughters To SchoolNow here’s a switch!  Sarah Jessica Parker’s twin daughters Tabitha and Marion are dressed alike!  SJP’s girls usually wear sort of similar outfits – but never identical, except for this time!  Tabitha and Marion were out walking in NYC with their famous mom and both wore a cute girly pink dress with a yellow backpack and pig tail braids with a headband.  The girls did have one difference – one opted for socks while the other didn’t.

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Sarah Jessica Parker On The Go With The Girls; Remembers Joan Rivers

Sarah Jessica Parker Out For A Stroll With Her Daughters

It looks like Sarah Jessica Parker is almost back to her morning school run routine.  SJP was spotted this morning with her darling daughters Marion and Tabitha.  The Broderick ladies were on a walk together near their home in NYC.  The girls were too cute in their ballet flats and dresses.

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Time With The Twins

Sarah Jessica Parker Takes A Walk With Her Kids

Sarah Jessica Parker took a morning stroll with her twin daughters Marion and Tabitha yesterday in NYC near their home.  The girls were too cute in their pink dresses and ballet flats as the held mom’s hand on their walk.  Sarah looked chic, as always.  If I threw on the ensemble she’s wearing, I’d look like I couldn’t match clothes, but Sarah puts it on and it’s perfect, right?

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Twins Are City Girls

Marion & Tabitha Broderick Out With Their Nanny In New YorkCheck out Sarah Jessica Parker’s little sweeties: Marion and Tabitha Broderick. Don’t they look adorable in their swimsuits? Tabitha is wearing the light-colored one while Marion is wearing the dark-colored swimsuit. I wonder if their nanny was taking them to swimming lessons? RELATED: It’s back to school for Sarah Jessica Parker’s twins.

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