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When you think of Amsterdam, I’m sure that the first thing that doesn’t cross your mind is “great family destination.” I too thought the same thing until my recent trip to the popular European destination and was amazed by all the opportunities that were available for families with young children that included more than just your regular museum stops.

While in Amsterdam, I had the opportunity to explore the city from “beyond the browser” with and discovered so many off-the-beaten path gems that included a lovely boat tour through the Dutch countryside of Overleek, visiting the quaint fishing town of Volendam and making my own Dutch cheese at a cheese farm, which was definitely the highlight of my trip. These activities have definitely sparked my interest in wanting to bring my family back to Holland so we can all explore the wonderful laid-back family vacation in quiet and relaxing settings that doesn’t include the hustle-and-bustle that you usually get in major cities, but yet is close enough to one  in case you might crave a little mommy-and-daddy fun time, too!

The great thing about though, is that their attentive staff helps you book the perfect hotel experience for your family with The Booking Truth. A collection of these travel insights, it provides the first truly honest look at the factors that drive the American traveler experience in hotels and other properties. “With The Booking Truth, we didn’t want to make biased assumptions about travelers, or put words in the mouths of our customers,” says CEO, Darren Huston.

Darren adds, “We wanted to take a completely different approach and look at the picture solely from the point of view of our guests and ask what makes a stay truly delightful. Through big data analysis, crowdsourcing approaches, and advanced visualization techniques, The Booking Truth unlocks the power of verified customer stories, reviews, feedback and social media commentary to provide not-so-ordinary travel insights – and what we arrived at was a much richer, more nuanced guest experience story than we could have ever anticipated.”

So yeah, with the Booking Truth you don’t have to worry about booking a hotel that doesn’t have a family-friendly pool, an elevator under renovation or a front desk staff where no one speaks your language because you get the truth before you close your browser. It doesn’t get any better than that, right?

With so much detail given to helping travelers find great locations for their next adventures, you are almost guaranteed a memorable experience as you and your loved ones discover something new during your travels together. Check out some of my highlights from my Amsterdam trip with and tell us, are you planning an overseas getaway with your family this summer?

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