Summer Infant’s 3Dzyre Stroller Makes It Super Easy (plus giveaway)

Summer Infant 3Dzyre Collage

Summer Infant’s 3Dzyre Stroller is such an awesome stroller, I just had to share some of the info with you. The stroller includes all the features you would expect in a convenience stroller with the additional upgrades us parents just love to have. It’s a little but of comfort for one of our most basic child-rearing tasks. I mean, can you just feast your eyes on the following goodies and awesomeness?

The super lightweight aluminum frame (less than 14 lbs) is really the key for us. It makes everything so much easier. How much of a pain is it to lug and maneuver a giant stroller/carriage. It’s the worst, especially when you have bags, kids…life…swirling around you like a tornado. To make it even easier, the stroller has a one-handed recline that easily adjusts to 3 different positions. The 3Dzyre Stroller features one of the largest canopies on the market with zip out extension and peek-a-boo window so you little one is protected from those nasty elements and easily viewable for when they are looking for you or when you just want to gaze at your little one. There’s also a large storage basket, rear storage pocket, convenient carry strap for travel, and very smooth gliding wheels. Boom…

Basically…it pretty much has all that you need without all the hassle. I think we all could use a little bit less hassle in our days, no? Give it a shot, I think you’ll be very pleased and very relieved. Now about those kids, bags, and life…

Summer Infant 3Dzyre 2 Collage

The Summer Infant 3Dzyre Stroller is available in Gold Fusion, Lime Punch, Glacier Gray. Since it is so convenient and lightweight, please be sure to note that it only holds children up to 50 lbs.

For a list of specific retailers, or to find out more about Summer Infant, visit:

Suggested retail price: $129.99.

Now…for the great news…one (1) lucky Babyrazzi reader will receive a Summer Infant 3Dzyre Stroller of their own!!!

Summer Infant 3Dzyre Stroller

The Joovy Groove

joovy groove in blueberryJoovy is a company that always keeps its customers in mind- big and small. The new and improved Joovy Groove is a great example. Joovy recently redesigned their umbrella stroller from the ground up to offer a full set of features for both those who push & those who ride. The Groove offers a very ample seat for an umbrella stroller and a high 55 pound weight limit, which means that even your occasional older rider who needs a spot to rest on that long trip to the zoo will be just as comfy as your preschooler or toddler. The infinite recline to near flat means that comfort can be found for nap time as well. This stroller is rated from 6 mo and up, so it’s not for infants, but it will take you very far once your baby is ready. A very secure 5 point harness with padded strap covers and extendable leg rest means that your child can bee made as comfortable as possible and you can be comfortable as well knowing that even your more accomplished escape artists are secure in this seat. An added bonus, the 600D fabric will withstand abuse of all sorts and clean up nicely as well.

the joovy groove seat closeupSome of my favorite Joovy features are always those little touches that Joovy offers for both children and parents. I love the 2 mesh pockets in the seat sides. These really should be on all strollers, perfect for drinks, snacks or toys, keeping whatever your child needs securely at hand. Not to leave the big guys out- the back of the canopy offers 2 more mesh pockets and a zippered pouch for happy parents. Another feature that Joovy offers is the huge canopy with a viewing window to keep anxious parents at ease. Personally, this is a feature that Always makes me feel better even when my older children are on board. The basket is well sized for an umbrella stroller and the automatic lock and carry handle add to the convenience of this stroller. The newly designed tires are well sized for an umbrella stroller and offer sealed bearings for a smooth ride.  Also new is frame, which is quite snazzy. It’s rectangular aluminum frame is quite unique looking and my favorite part of this stroller (after those in-seat mesh pockets). As with any umbrella stroller, it offers an easy one handed fold that pops right down to a very compact package. Weighing in at 17 pounds, it’s not the lightest umbrella stroller, but it is comfortable to carry and is a great weight for such a large seat and high weight limit. I can easily fold & carry it with one hand while holding my hefty 2 year old in the other hand.

In use this stroller not only doesn’t disappoint, it exceeded my expectations. It took me seconds to pop on the front wheels, slide the canopy into it’s slots, make a few adjustments and we were off and ready to roll. Out and about, it’s just as effortless. Pushing with one or 2 hands was really easy over every terrain I tested. In fact, those bouncy front wheels did such a good job, that I started pointing the Groove at anything that I though t might stop it and nothing did. There are areas in my neighborhood that have sidewalks that will stop most strollers, but not the Groove. I aimed for broken sidewalks and just popped over, rolled straight through sloggy mud and wet grass without slowing. This stroller was fabulous. My daughter loved it too, especially the green color and the extendable leg rest where she happily rested her feet. At age 2 and 27 pounds, he has plenty of room in the seat, yet the harness adjusted perfectly down to her size. It was also super easy to recline and raise the seat one handed while rolling along, which is usually not the case with strap recline systems. Another great surprise.

The Groove is available in 4 colors Blueberry (a fabulous blue, and my favorite), Greenie, Orangie and Black and retails for $199.99. If you’re looking for an umbrella stroller that will last  with superb features and offers a exceptional value for the price, the Joovy Groove is an amazing option. Please visit the Joovy site for more details and to see the superb line of Joovy products.

* A sample was provided for review purposes

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A Sneak Peak: The New Mountain Buggy +one

I have been very fortunate to have been given an early test visit with the brand new, soon to be released +one from Mountain Buggy.  This is a stroller that I have been waiting for a very long time and it has not disappointed me. If I were going to design a stroller that suits my daily wants and needs in a stroller, first it would be a Mountain Buggy and second it would be the +one. As with every single Mountain Buggy that I have tested, I love it. The +one offers a fabulous single stroller that still feels like a fabulous single stroller even when it’s outfitted for two riders. And I’m going to say it again, I love it. This is the most all terrain, easy pushing, go anywhere yet still pretty lightweight single to double you will find. I can lift this one with one hand, put it in the back of my car, still have room for plenty of other gear or even another stroller (not that I need it), roll through any door, store, crowd, over any terrain from flat sidewalk to squishy mud pit with 1 or 2 riders on board. The stroller is great as a single and just as great as a double- one handed pushing over the worst terrain or through the tightest crowds is a piece of cake. I really love that if only 1 rider is on board, this stroller doesn’t feel like it’s a half-empty double plus you really do get a great added space for storage that is super convenient. It is the perfect stroller for us for school drop off, that back seat can hold a rider or all of our gear without having to reach down to the  basket. And it all folds up in 1 piece which is also really fabulous.


The +one comes complete with the main single stroller configuration, an infant cocoon (to be used in single or double mode) and the second seat (see below for configuration options). Standard on this fabulous 3 wheeler are 12” air filled tires, rear suspension, a huge canopy that covers both riders, has zip open mesh panels and can ratchet forward to cover just the front rider or pop back enough to just cover the rear rider or be raised to offer more headroom, rear brake, adjustable handlebar, bumper bar, standing fold, lockable front wheel, wrist strap and a bottle holder (holds my huge water bottle perfectly). A new addition is the twist and slide harness which allows you to quickly adjust the height of the straps without re-threading, a super addition if you alternate between riders of different ages and sizes as I do. Optional accessories are a rain cover, zip in sunshade, carrycot, car seat adaptor, travel bag, the freerider (see our review here), and the many other mountain buggy universal accessories. The stroller weighs in at just under 30 pounds, is 25 inches wide and holds 44 pounds per seat.

In Use

First of all you have to put it together, which really doesn’t take that long even if you’re adding the second seat. The Mountain Buggy assembly video makes it all very easy to figure out. Set up as a single the +one really does feel much like an Urban Jungle. To convert to a double, you just unzip the seat extender and add the cocoon or the second seat. The seat extender does extend back quite a bit, so you won’t be able to use a ride on board, like the freerider, in doubles mode, but you can use one in single mode. If you’re adding the second seat, you also unzip the footwell for the back rider’s feet. At first glance it appears a bit small, but if you just slide the second seat back a bit, the space really opens up. The rear rider is a bit higher than the front rider, unless the rear rider is pretty young. I thought the view might be a bit restricted back there, but even my 22 month old could see her surroundings just fine. I was also concerned that the footwell might not go over very well with my two testers, but both had no problem with it at all. My 3 year old was very happy in the back and didn’t even notice that the footwell was something a bit different. My 22 month old alternated between feet in and feet up, but when she rode with her feet up, she dropped her iPod into the footwell for some hands free viewing which she really enjoyed. The seats are not huge, but even my 3 year old fits well in the front and back with room to spare. I did also test out both seats with my 4 year old and he was pretty close to the limits of the seat, but he is huge, really huge for a 4 year old and just about at the weight limit anyway. He fit pretty well in the front- plenty of headroom actually, but he felt a bit closed in in the back seat and didn’t have quite enough room for his legs to fit comfortably. Though to be fair, he is really not a stroller rider anyway and almost never rides at this point, but could ride in the front if needed without difficulty. If you have 2 really big riders, you’d be better served by a larger stroller like the Duo (which we love), but for any other combination, it’s a great option. I love knowing that I really can go anywhere with the +one and easily push 2, hold the hand of one more and keep track of number 4 plus lug their gear (in the basket that is not filled up by tiny feet) all without difficulty, struggling, tipping, getting stuck or enduring the nasty looks I get when I try to push through a crowd or down an aisle with a full sized double. When I’m out with just one or two of my little ones it still super fabulous in every way.

The +one really handles well under all circumstances. This stroller really can go anywhere you want to go. The width is the same as a single of course, so you just fit where ever you want to be. That in itself is a major plus. Another plus is the fabulous Mountain Buggy structure that cannot be beat. The ride is as smooth as it is easy to push and it is easy. We are getting to the point that any double stroller can be hard to push with 2 of my hefty riders on board, but this was not a problem with the +one. I can easily push it one handed even when loaded up with 50 plus pounds of riders and a full basket. The lightweight frame, fabulous air tires and the rear suspension help it to just glide and pop over anything in it’s path. I haven’t tried one finger yet, but I have pushed it with just a few fingers. With those great tires, it even pops up stairs easily. It’s just flat out fantastic. We have some pretty crazy stroller needs and the +one hits it on every mark. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s taken so long just to get to try it out and that it’s only here for a short visit. We will really miss it when it’s goes home and we’ll be counting the days until it’s actually released.

The Mountain Buggy +one is a superb option for those who want the versatility of a single to double and also want the very best possible ride, push and features that a Mountain Buggy offers. (Be warned: if you want one, get your order in quickly. Even though the +one hasn’t been released yet and will just begin shipping this week, it’s already backorderd in many places, for good reason. Price will be $649.) I really do measure all other strollers against Mountain Buggies because they always offer the best of what I want in a stroller. The +one offers all of that in a really unique package. If a side by side suits you better, be sure to check out the new super slim Mountain Buggy Duet, already available and another great option at 25” wide (full review to come soon here on BabyRazzi, but you can see my quick comparison between the two here now). Please visit the Mountain Buggy website for more details about the +one and all of the other super fine Mountain Buggy strollers.

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The Joovy ScooterX2

Finding a lightweight double stroller that is heavy on features can be very difficult. Often you have to give up quite a bit to get something that is easy to carry around. The Joovy ScooterX2 is not one of those strollers. This exceedingly reasonably priced stroller (it’s just $199.99 and no, that’s not a mistake) offers features that are often found only in larger much more expensive strollers, but it weighs in at a svelte 28 pounds, great for a double. If what you need is a double that will offer a long term seat for your little ones, comfort and ease of use for both rider and parents in a lightweight package, the ScooterX2 is a great choice.

This stroller that folds down as easily as an umbrella stroller with a one-handed fold,  offers a fabulous full handlebar that makes one-handed pushing easy too. The basket is huge, really, really huge, and pockets are plentiful. Each well-sized seat offers those great Joovy mesh side of seat pockets to keep drinks, snacks or toys handy for both riders plus 2 rear cup holders and zippered pockets for parents. The ScooterX2 does not offer independent canopies, but the canopy is huge and offers great coverage for your riders. Our two testers were even sufficiently covered in a surprise rain shower, which was a great plus. More great features include the rear linked brake, infinite-position recline on each seat that allows each rider to be positioned perfectly from fully upright to a near flat position for little sleepers. The fold can actually be done one handed and it folds down to a nice, compact, flat package. The ScooterX2 is wrapped in a very sturdy  600D Fabric with reflective accents, another detail that is often only found on much more expensive strollers. This stroller will take whatever your little ones toss at it, or spill on it, and look great for years to come. A removable bumper bar and easily adjustable 5-point harness complete the package.

The most important part is of course, how it preforms. The ScooterX2 is a great lightweight double. Despite being very lightweight and smaller in stature than many doubles, it is a very solid ride. The ScooterX2 feels very stable and secure at all times and never felt tippy, unlike many smaller or medium-sized doubles we’ve tested. It handles well over most terrain too. I had a bit harder time pushing my 50 plus pounds worth of children (plus several bottles of water, snacks, my bag, a diaper bag, and 3 dozen cupcakes for the preschool picnic- I said the basket is huge) through the mulch at the playground than I did on the sidewalk getting there, but it handled bumps well and we still managed to run through the grass in the pouring rain without any trouble. And that one handed fold made it quick and easy to pop it into the car for the ride home and get quickly out of the rain. This is a great stroller if you need to take it in and out of the car over and over for trips to school or running errands. Plus with a good amount of headroom and 45 pound weight limit per seat, this is a stroller that you can use for the long term. And, if you don’t have the budget for one of those really expensive doubles, the ScooterX2’s $199.99 price tag is amazing, especially for all of the great features this stroller offers.

The ScooterX2 is available in 3 colors, Orangie, Greenie and Black. Please visit the Joovy website for more details or to buy this fabulous double stroller.

*Joovy provided a sample for review purposes

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The 2011 UPPAbaby VISTA and RumbleSeat

I have been a big fan of the UPPAbaby VISTA for a long time. Just before having my fourth child, 15 months after number 3 (who was born 15 months after number 2), I decided to buy a new stroller to make getting around with 4 children 4 and under a bit easier. As soon as I saw the VISTA with it’s included bassinet, superb baby, parent and environmentally friendly features plus the optional RumbleSeat and PiggyBack Board, I knew this was the stroller for me. I bought a 2009 VISTA with the brand new RumbleSeat. I loved it and so did my daughter, who pretty much lived in it for months. The bassinet was the only place she’d sleep or nap for a very long time, which made everyone’s lives easier. Her slightly older brother loved the RumbleSeat and I loved that it was so easy to use.  In fact all 4 of my children loved the Vista and would ride happily, unusual for them. Even better, it was so great to leave the giant double behind and easily switch from bassinet to seat, single to double, quickly pop our infant seat onto the adapter, fit anywhere we wanted to go and have such a beautiful stroller that could make all 4 of my children comfortable when needed. There are quite a few strollers that seem to offer something similar to the VISTA, but it is truly hard to beat the VISTA in every category, maybe impossible. If it doesn’t get you on looks alone, its superb features, versatility and performance will. Who exactly is the VISTA perfect for? Well, it might be easier to say who it’s not prefect for. If you have newborn twins, there might be a better choice for those first few months, that is, unless you want to get 2 VISTAs. But once your babies are old enough to sit in the RumbleSeat, this is a great choice for twins. (see a cole VISTA in use with twins, accompanied by their famous mother, in a previous post here on BabyRazzi and here on our other site, I’m Not Obsessed. ). My 2 youngest loved sitting face to face which is possible for quite awhile if you just flip the foot rest down on the main seat. I loved my VISTA so much that, after I switched to a certain other inline double with 2 full sized seats and so on, thinking it would be better for my huge children, I nearly cried every time I pushed it because I missed my VISTA so much. The VISTA was so easy to push, the new stroller quickly became a beast and the near tears left as I started to plot its replacement about a week into it’s stay. As I said, the VISTA is truly hard, if not impossible to beat.

Since then, the VISTA has gotten even better. The improvements made to the 2010 model and carried through to the 2011 model are great- bigger seat, additional recline position, improved wheels, easier brake. The features that I loved are of course still there too, adjustable handlebar, no-kick rear axle, huge basket (one of my all time favorite baskets actually), included rain cover and the fabulous canopy with the cute silver pop out SPF 50 sunshade (on both the toddler seat & the bassinet, pretty cool). Your child is well protected from anything with this one- sun, wind, a bit of rain and even nosy passers-by. The seat is easily reversible with an indicator to let you know it’s locked in and a one handed recline. The 2010/2011 models offer a 4th 0 position that offers a more upright seat and a bit of extra space for the Rumble rider than previous models. This is great, I didn’t realize how nice it would be until I used it and I love it. There is also a bit more head and seat room, offering an even more comfortable ride for bigger kids. Another great thing about UPPAbaby is their fabulous customer service, best I’ve dealt with, and the truly listen to their customers and work in suggestions to the model improvements, like the 0 position and the fabulously easy flip flop friendly brake. The older version was a bit hard, but this one really can be done barefoot if needed. If you are rolling your baby around the house in the bassinet at 2 AM, this really is a good thing (an on/off indicator would be a helpful touch though, so you can easily see if you’ve set the brake or not- helpful when you have to chase down a rouge toddler). The bassinet  has a lovely mattress, a great canopy and a beautiful organic cotton & soy liner. (The included bassinet cover and mosquito net are also handy if you need to keep tossed toys off of your newborn’s head.) Unlike some bassinets, this one is included with the stroller and is complete, no fabric switching, so you can switch back and forth as needed. There is even an optional bassinet stand to make it even easier, though being able to roll the finally sleeping baby as needed is great too. The main seat is rated for ages 3 months to 50 pounds (add the BabySnug and the seat can be used from birth when fully reclined) and the bassinet from 0-6 months, so for that overlap period you can still use the bassinet in the house or at night if it’s the only place you can get your little one to sleep or nap and still use the seat out and about, when your baby starts to demand a better view. By 3 or 4 months, mine always want to see where they’re going, so we use the seat if we’re not using the infant car seat adapter. With the reversible seat, it’s easy to give your baby a view and keep a close eye on your precious cargo, or if you have 2, let them ride face to face with the fabulous RumbleSeat. I mentioned the VISTA’s superb versatility, the bassinet and seat options are a great example, but so are the car seat adapter and the RumbleSeat. The car seat adapter is the easiest and most secure feeling adapter I’ve used and I have used quite a few. Nothing to fiddle with, it just pops on and off with ease, both on the frame and the infant seat, but is locked on tight when in place.  It’s one of my favorite features and another reason why the VISTA is a perfect newborn stroller.

Whether you’re on your first baby or your 4th, the VISTA is my favorite stroller for life with a baby.  Add the RumbleSeat or the PiggyBack board (or both) and you are are set for 1, 2 or 3 children and that is on an as needed basis, truly. The RumbleSeat is so easy to pop on and off, you really won’t mind that it can’t be folded with the stroller. You really can have a single or double with no adapters, straps, fussing or trouble of any kind, just a few seconds to pop it on and off. I love it. Plus the RumbleSeat sits up high, so no kneeling to get your child in and out, no fiddling with tires and it is so stable you can take either child out first. I haven’t tested the PiggyBack board yet, but it is a beauty. Made from natural, eco-friendly wooden material, it can hold a hefty 50 pounds, pops on and off easily or can be folded with the stroller.  The ride of the UPPAbaby VISTA has always been superb, but improvements to the wheels for the 2010/2011 models have greatly improved its already stellar performance. This is a one handed push stroller, with supreme ease. Even with the RumbleSeat on, it’s still a pretty easy push, more so than many other in-lines. If you have 2 heavy children on board, it might not be one handed over rougher areas for you, but the terrific suspension always offers a smooth ride in any configuration.

I should add that the stroller can fold with the seat on in the forward position. Reversed, the seat has to be removed for folding, but it is so easy, you really won’t mind. This is also a very, very light stroller for being so full featured. Believe me, no matter how many parts you end up with, it’s oh so much more pleasant than lugging around a giant double or even most similarly featured singles. I have used the VISTA with the RumbleSeat and both the car seat adapter or the main seat in 100 degree temperatures all the way down to well below freezing with several feet of snow on the ground and it always so easy to assemble that I’d rather take it in 2 or 3 pieces that my one piece 36 pound side by side. And I love that the VISTA is always ready for anything- great sun protection, rain, wind or nasty weather, you’re covered, newborn or preschooler (even a wiped out Kindergartener), you’re all set and you always have a single and a double in the car with just one stroller. As I said, pretty much perfect for anyone.

The UPPAbaby VISTA is a superb stroller and an excellent choice for almost every circumstance. It will take you from your first newborn, straight through multiple children adapting on the fly and looking great while doing it. The Vista retails for $679.99 and includes the frame, toddler seat, removable bumper bar, bassinet, weather & bug shields. Colors include: denny (red),  carlin (green), mica (silver), jake (black) and new for 2011 cole (a slate blue) and lindsey (a golden wheat). Also available, though in limited supply, is the Special Edition Maya (yellow with graphite frame, $699.99). Optional accessories include: Seat Fashion color swap kits, car seat adapters, bassinet stand, infant SnugSeat, BabyGanoosh (footmuff), cup holder, bassinet rain shield, TravelBag, Rumble Seat, PiggyBack board  and a SnackTray. The RumbleSeat  has a weight limit of 35 pounds, retails for $129.99 and includes a fabulous canopy and footrest (keeps feet out of the basket) and an optional rain cover is available as well.

Visit the UPPAbaby website to see even more details and to find retailers. If you love the idea of the VISTA, but want something a bit more compact or you know you don’t need the bassinet or the option of the RumbleSeat, take a look at the soon to be released Cruz and enter the Where do you Cruz? contest for a chance to win a brand new CRUZ.

*A sample was provided for review

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