Linda Cardellini Slips The Gender Of Her Baby!

Actress Linda Cardellini (ER, Scooby Doo) accidentally let her baby’s gender slip during a chat with Access Hollywood!  The mom-to-be was sharing some pregnancy info with them, when she committed the oops:

“We do [know the sex]. Do we tell? I don’t know.  Sometimes I slip.”

and a minute later she added: “We have five different names — we’ll just pick out of a hat when we see her.”

So, Linda and husband Steven Rodriguez are having a baby girl!  Exciting!

The mom-to-be also shared that she is thrilled to be done with morning sickness:

“Morning sickness was terrible the first four months. It was awful. I was kind of a monster!  Now I feel great, and it’s amazing and I can feel kicking and it’s a totally unbelievable experience.  It’s a little bit like ‘Alien’ in science fiction and then also it’s a crazy miracle.”

Photos by Fame

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