Snooki Is Ready to Give Birth; Splurges On Cravings And Talks New Tattoos


Snooki (aka Nicole Polizzi) has been having an incredibly fit pregnancy – working out like a madwoman and eating healthy, but that doesn’t mean the expectant reality star can’t indulge!  Snooki shared this hilarious photo of her end of pregnancy craving: ice cream.  She shared, “I’ve been splurging these last couples weeks with eating! If I want ice cream, I’m gonna have it…”  [Read more...]

Snooki’s Son Lorenzo Really Wants His Baby Sister To Come Out And Play!

snooki-lorenzoReality star Snooki is due any day now with her second child, a baby girl.  Snooki’s son Lorenzo is just as ready as mom for his baby sister to make her entrance!  Snooki shared this sweet photo of Lorenzo and her bare baby bump, writing “Lorenzo summoning sissy to come out.”

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Snooki Is Anxious For Her Birthday Boy to Wake UP!!!

snooki-lorenzo-birthdayHappy Birthday to Lorenzo LaValle!  Snooki’s son turns two years old today!  The reality star is so excited to celebrate Lorenzo’s milestone, but clearly he’s not quite as thrilled!  Nicole shared this funny picture today.

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