Ready To Reveal Some Big Baby News! Is She Pregnant?


Snooki (aka Nicole Polizzi) is keeping a secret, but is ready to share the big news tomorrow.  Snooki took to Twitter this afternoon to gush about a big surprise that she’s going to reveal tomorrow.  But it’s not a second baby on the way!  The former Jersey Shore mama Tweeted out, “I’m not preggo but I’ve got some big baby news coming…check in tomorrow to hear all about it ;)”

What do you think Snooki’s baby excitement is about?  The Snooki & JWoww star is quite the business woman, so I think maybe it’s a new product.  The news might even relate to the pregnancy book she’s planning to release early next year, but that “news” is already out there.

If it’s a new product line, what do you think it could be?  She has such a wide range of products that she promotes and has created, it could be anything from a baby clothing line to a kids’ book or anything else under the sun!

Give us your best guess!



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