Sissy Spacek Sings With Daughter

Sissy Spacek has shown off her musical talents by singing back-up vocals for her musician daughter.
The actress’ daughter, Schuyler Fisk, recently released her second record Blue Ribbon Winner and she’s now revealed her famous mother contributed to her debut, 2009’s The Good Stuff, and even joined her on stage for a performance.

But Fisk admits the Carrie star was too shy to sing in front of the crowd, so she joined in from backstage.
Fisk tells the Boston Herald,

“She actually sang some harmonies on my last record, but gets too nervous to come on stage with me. During one show, I asked her to come up on stage to sing, but she wouldn’t, so she sang backstage! So there was this phantom high harmony coming from the wings. The audience thought I was probably singing to a track…”

Photos by Fame pictures

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