Strolling With His Sweeties

Simon Cowell & Lauren Silverman Enjoy An Evening Stroll In Miami

I don’t know if Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman hit the beach yesterday or not, but afterwards they didn’t just retire quietly to their hotel suite. Simon and Lauren took baby Eric on a stroll. It looks like they met up with friends for dinner- at a place that was baby and dog friendly- before going for another stroll afterwards with their friends. Walking is probably a great way to get Eric to sleep.

Simon and Lauren aren’t staying shut up inside with their newborn- LOL. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen parents with a baby who’s only a couple of weeks old be so active. Well, this is Lauren’s second baby, so she knows what she’s doing. Simon’s obviously enjoying Miami’s warmer climate: he’s taking his shirt off every chance he can get! At least in this warmer weather they don’t have to keep Eric so bundled up.


Baby Eric Will Have Three Posh Pads?

Simon Cowell & Lauren Silverman Take Eric To His First Doctors Appointment

Baby Eric Cowell is going to be quite the jet setter!  Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman are reportedly going to make sure that Eric is comfy and pampered wherever he travels.  With his parents spending a lot of time at their homes in NYC, Los Angeles and London, it’s no surprise he’ll have lavish nurseries at all three homes!

E! reports that Simon is going all out for his baby boy, namely splashing out big for three posh nurseries in their homes.  A source tells them, “Simon’s sparing no expense.  He’s obsessed with the baby. When the baby’s around, Simon’s constantly kissing, holding and patting him. He’s really enjoying fatherhood.”  And the couple must be planning to travel very soon, as they applied for Eric’s first passport already!

In other news, Simon and Lauren took Eric for his first doctor’s appointment yesterday morning.  In the gallery above they are seen leaving their NYC apartment with their baby boy in tow.

Photos by Fameflynet