Bringing Their Baby To The Beach

Simon Cowell & Family Enjoy Another Beach Day In Miami

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman are celebrating the arrival of their new son, Eric, at the beach. It’s their first family vacation: they’re enjoying some fun in the sun at Miami Beach. Eric is getting exposed to the finer things in life very early: he’s not even two weeks old yet! At first I was surprised to see they had traveled with the baby when he was so young and have him out on the beach, but I’m sure they flew by private jet, so it wasn’t like they were on a crowded commercial plane, and they’re keeping him in the shade. I’m sure they got the “go ahead” from a doctor!

Simon and Lauren even brought their dogs to the beach. That may be the last time, however. TMZ has pictures of the Miami Beach police giving Simon a warning. Spoil sports. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed on the beach.