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Now that I have a girl I’m just starting to look more closely at girl specific items after many years with 3 boys. I’m not a girlie, girl myself, but my daughter is, so I’ve been looking for stylish, pretty items that will please us both. She’s only 16 months old, but she already knows what she likes. I have to say that my favorite new find for her would have to be her Livie & Luca shoes. Whenever I’ve seen them in the past I’ve always thought how cute they are, so when given the chance to try out a pair for my daughter, I was thrilled. As soon as I had a pair in my hands I was even more impressed than I expected to be.

The entire Live & Luca line is so incredibly cute, you will have a very hard time choosing  a single pair. You will in fact want all of them, as I did. I only wish I’d tried them sooner on my boys. Not only gorgeous, adorable, incredibly sweet and very, very stylish, these are amazing shoes for little feet. They are as soft, comfy and flexible as they are  adorable.  Each pair of beautifully produced Live & Luca shoes is handmade with non-toxic glues and eco & people-friendly practices (Livie & Luca will even recycle them for you by donating them to Art for Humanity). The soles are very light and so very flexible, you will wish they came in your size too. The designs are perfect for little girls, stylish, modern and whimsical. There is a design to suit the girliest girl to those that like something a bit more understated, from sandals to rough and tumble play shoes, you will find what you need for your little girl with Live & Luca. Not just for girls, there are several several styles for boys (see the Ferris Coaster, below) and unisex styles (see the Brussels options) that all of your little ones can be happy in Livie & Luca.

Sizes run from 4-13, so you can start your little one in these amazing shoes and keep right on going with them through preschool or maybe a bit later. We have the Peacock Fuschia Mary Jane (shown at top) and they are even cuter in person than the picture. My daughter immediately wanted them on her feet and pets them happily every time she wears them. The color combination is quite striking and funky, which pleases me, and yet do pretty that she is thrilled. Put her in her Livie & Lucas and a princess dress or tutu and she could not be happier. I also love that they fit her so well, are made so beautifully with such responsible practices and still are so light and flexible that I know she’s going to be comfortable. I really could not be happier. I will only be sad when she is finally too big to wear Livie & Lucas, but luckily we still have a few years and at least 2 boys also within the Live & Luca size range. Yeah! Try a pair for you child and I expect that you will be as happy as we are. Please visit the Livie & Luca site for more information about all of their amazing work to give back and protect the planet while producing their amazing line of shoes and to see the full Spring line. But be warned, it is not possible to just pick one pair to love.

*Livie & Luca provided a sample for review

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Pediped Flex Children’s Shoes

I am absolutely in love with these shoes. Yes, it’s true. I love Pediped’s Flex line. It’s not often I get really excited over a pair of children’s shoes, but I recently received a pair of Jake sneakers from the Pediped Flex collection and I think they are super. And it’s not just me. My 5 year old absolutely adores them, so much I really had a hard time getting him to take them off. He even wanted to wear them to school the next day despite the very heavy snow on the ground. My 3 year also is so in love with them too, so I’ll soon be ordering a pair in his size too. He’s not a big shoe lover, by any means, but he loves these. We all love how they look and they love how they feel. My 5 year old has been wearing them in the house giving them the best workout he can with the huge piles of snow outside. He says they are extremely comfortable, so much so that he’d sleep in them if he could. He’s asked that next time he gets new shoes, we get the same ones plus he no longer wants any of his current shoes- only Flex from now on. He’s going to be very, very sad when he finds out he’s almost at the top of the size range. Not only do I wish they were available for bigger kids, I wish they were available for me too.

Jake Pediped Flex

I love the features. First of all they are very cute and look adorable on. Plus they really do flex. Unlike my sons current sneaks, these are so much more flexible and comfy, I’m inclined to let his other shoes go too. They are designed to allow for a more natural foot movement, great for developing feet, plus they have a really nice shock absorbing heel cushion for an even more comfort. I also love the Flex Fit system comprised of 2 insoles that allow for a more customized fit or a bit longer wear as the foot grows. And the main insoles are very cushy too. The Jake is also very easy to get on and off, even on my son’s slightly wide foot. We had none of the struggling that we often have. He can easily pull them on and off thanks to the easy lace-look elastic and the big velcro strap, easy on, yet a nice secure fit.

Pediped offers a full footwear system that will take you straight through from first shoes at 0-6 month up to sizes for your 6 year old. The 3 collections offer the perfect shoe for each stage of your child’s development. My 4 children have all started out with Pedipeds and I am thrilled to try out the Flex line. My only regret is that I didn’t try them sooner.  In 2005, my oldest son’s first shoes were Pediped Originals because we loved that they allowed for a barefoot like experience for beginning walkers. We also love the Grip ‘N’ Go line for offering a bit more support & a slip free sole for toddlers that are jetting around a bit more. And now with the Flex line, we really can have the perfect shoes for each stage in a young walker’s development all the way up though Kindergarten. Not only can Pediped meet your little one’s shoe needs, you will also find socks and tights from this fantastic company.

Please visit the Pediped site for more details, where to purchase these amazing shoes and to connect with Pediped via Twitter & Facebook to stay up to date on what’s happening.  Another plus, as if you really need one, Pediped is dedicated to donating both dollars and products to children’s charities, so by buying a pair of Pedipeds, you’re helping children in need. Pedipeds has just established the Pediped Foundation in order to do even more for children in need. Now through February 6, 2011, visit the Pediped Foundation fundraiser/sale where select styles are available at up to 50% off and 50% of the proceeds will go to the foundation.

* a sample was provided for review

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