Sherri Shepherd To Remain Legal Mother Of Son Born Via Surrogate

13th Annual Samsung Hope For Children GalaSherri Shepherd is going to have to keep writing those child support checks for another 17 years or so. The court denied her request to appeal a court ruling that declared her the legal mother of the child she and her then-husband, Lamar Sally, had carried by a surrogate.

RELATED: Sherri Shepherd is taking her surrogate-custody issues to the Supreme Court (of Pennsylvania).

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Sherri Shepherd Taking Her Surrogate-Custody Issues To Supreme Court


Sherri Shepherd isn’t done fighting yet!  A judge recently ruled that Sherri was legally responsible financially for the surrogate child she and Lamar Sally had together.  I’m not sure what the right word is in this situation – created, contracted, something.  Lamar and Sherri contracted a surrogate to have their baby, using Lamar’s sperm and an egg donor.  The couple split part way into the pregnancy and Sherri has been fighting ever since to not have to pay for or take part in the child’s life since she has no biological connection to it.

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