Get A Little Help This Christmas From SheKnows Gift Picks!!

Can you believe that we’re already running smack into prime gift-giving season again? Time really does fly. It seems like only yesterday I was setting up the Christmas tree and putting out the kids’ presents. While I truly love this time of year (even the Northeast cold and snow), I have to say I am not a huge fan of the gift-giving part of it all. If you’re at all like me, it always seems that there are just too many people to gift yet too little insight into what they really want or need. It can really be nerve-racking trying to figure out the perfect gift.

Well, SheKnows Gift Picks is coming to the rescue!

Do you have hard-to-buy-for friends, or feel like you’ve just been rehashing the same old gifts time and time again? Do you want to make sure you get that perfect gift for the truly special people in your life? Well, here’s something I think you should try…it’s very easy.  You simply connect to SheKnows Gift Picks using your Facebook account, select the friends you wish to see gift recommendations for, then BOO YEAH…instantly view personalized gift suggestions for them based on their interests!! How does it work so well? Simple…the recs are based on each person’s interests and likes on Facebook.

I used it for my wife and family..and it really worked well.  As you can see below, if you know my wife, the categories and the goods are SPOT ON…from her loving Top Shop, to the cool boots, to even throwing a little tech in there. It really seems to know what works and and what each person would like. It even has a store map!

How great is that? It seems too good to be true…but it’s very true!! I have to say, it’s spot-on for my friends. I really hope you give this a shot. It can’t hurt, but I can most certainly help. I really think this could save you time and worry this holiday season. Let me know what you think!!

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