Celebrity Moms On The Red Carpet – Jennifer Connelly, Kate Winslet

"Noah" - UK Premiere

Celebrity moms put their style on display this week as they stepped out for red carpet appearances.  From Kate Winslet to Jennifer Connelly and more, see who glammed it up in the name of work – and play.

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Sharon Osbourne Says She Wishes She Was A Stay-At-Home-Mom

She might have been one of the most powerful women behind the rock and roll scene, but according to Sharon Osbourne, if she could do it all over again, she would rather be a stay-at-home mom. The mother-of-three admits that she sometimes regrets not spending more time with her children while they were younger. She says:

If I could go back and have the choice of my career or being a full-time mum to my kids, I would choose to be a stay-at-home mum any day,” she said. “I would gladly give up the career. Women who have the luxury of bringing up their own children have no idea how lucky they are.”

“It’s a big regret of mine and I would give it all up to be around my kids 24/7 while they were growing up.”

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Sharon Osbourne Talks Grandparenting On Rachael Ray

‘The Talk’ co-host Sharon Osbourne sits down with Rachael Ray to chat about being a grandmother and her son Jack’s struggle with his multiple sclerosis diagnoses. We have your sneak peek at the interview, airing tomorrow, September 25th.

Sharon on her granddaughter’s name:  “I love Pearl because it’s kind of Victorian very old fashioned sounding name.”

Sharon gushes,  “She’s bright eyed and smiley like her dad, that’s how Jack was. He was always such a smiley happy baby. She’s so happy and calm because of good parents.”

Sharon says “grandparents can do whatever they want:”   “That comes with the job because grandparents can do whatever they want. They don’t have to be strict. It’s like whatever you want to do, it’s “yes”.

Sharon on her son Jack’s determination:  “You know it’s really jack’s game plan we’re there to support whatever he decides to run his life and Jack is determined to carry on and do whatever he would do in his life. He doesn’t want to be seen as a sickly dad.”

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Sharon Osbourne Shares Cute Photos Of Her Granddaughter Pearl

There is no doubt that Sharon Osbourne is one proud grandmother. The Talk host recently shared a few Instagram photos of her almost two-month-old baby granddaughter Pearl on her Twitter account this week.

Don’t you just love those cute little baby feet? Pearl’s father Jack along with the rest of the Osbourne family are going to spoil their little princess to bits and pieces when she gets older. 🙂

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The Osbourne Family Take Baby Pearl Out

New celebrity dad Jack Osbourne was spotted out and about with his newborn daughter Pearl along with his fiancé, Lisa Stelly and his mom, Sharon Osbourne in Los Angeles, Calif. over the weekend.

With a flame-haired grandmother like Sharon, there’s no doubt she is going to stand out from the rest of the crowd when she starts taking Pearl to play dates with other kids at the park. I’m sure she’s already doing one heck of a job spoiling her to bits and pieces, too. 🙂

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