Selma Blair’s Son Arthur Enjoys A Pool Day


While it might be snowing with freezing temperatures in some parts of the country, it looks like it’s always sunny in California (and Philadelphia, if you want to count them, too!). Celebrity mom Selma Blair tweeted this cute picture of her son Arthur enjoying a pool day this past weekend. It looks inviting, doesn’t it?

Tell us Babyrazzi readers, how is it looking outside your window today? I live in South Florida, so while it’s great now, it’s going to turn unbearable this summer… if you live in Miami, you know what I mean!

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Selma Blair Takes Arthur And Her New Man To The Park


Selma Blair has often repeated on both Twitter and in her interviews that she only has one man in her life, and that’s her son Arthur, but I’m beginning to believe otherwise. The hot Hollywood actress was spotted taking her cutie to the park along with another cutie – a mystery man – in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday afternoon.

While we’re not sure who this new mystery boyfriend is, it looks like he has no problem spending his afternoons with this single celebrity mama and her little boy! Check out our photos below and let us know what you think.

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Selma Blair’s Son Arthur Saint Is A Social Butterfly

Selma Blair Takes Arthur To The Park

Selma Blair enjoyed a day off on Friday to hang out with her son, Arthur Saint BleickSelma and Arthur headed over to the park together in Los Feliz. Arthur assessed the social situation for a few minutes before venturing off to make some friends.  Selma watched closely as Arthur played with some of the other kids at the park.

Have you had a chance yet to check out Selma’s hit show “Anger Management”?  It must be an interesting experience working with Charlie Sheen.

I have to admit that I hoped Selma and Arthur’s dad, Jason Bleick, would reunite down the road.  It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.  Hopefully their co-parenting has been a positive experience for them!

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Selma Blair Shares A New Photo Of Her And Her “Sainty”

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 9.54.16 AM

It might be cold and snowy in some parts of the country, but in L.A. it looks like it’s autumn in January! Celebrity mom Selma Blair shared this photo of her and her son Arthur Saint (or “Sainty” as she likes to call him) while they were on their morning walk together. The actress wrote on her Twitter page:

Morning walk in his @kokopax . Loves it!

What a great way to spend a little mother and son time bonding while enjoying the fresh air outside, right? Talk about sweet! 🙂

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Selma Blair & Son Arthur Have A Busy Day In Santa Monica


I just love this mommy and son duo (those blue eyes just get me each and every time!). Actress and celebrity mom Selma Blair was spotted taking her adorable son Arthur out and about while she was running errands in Santa Monica, Calif. on Thursday afternoon.

I swear, between Arthur and Rachel Zoe‘s son Skyler, I don’t know who has the cutest pair of blue eyes. These two boys are going to grow up to be very handsome men one day. Selma better be careful because there are going to be a lot of broken hearts on her doorstep in the future! 🙂

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