Sassy Baby Non-sters Are Adorable, Great For Your Kids!


Sassy is introducing a new line of products in Target.  They are the Non-sters, lovable, silly, interactive impish and not-at-all scary monster-like characters designed to help baby learn and develop.  Each cuddly critter offers colors, textures, sounds, high contrast patterns and more to stimulate baby’s senses and encourage exploration.  Monsters are going to be big this year with the release of “Monsters University.”  Even teaching baby the Non-sters names is a learning experience. They were actually named by infants, using the first sounds babbled by babies all around the world.  A sneak preview of the line has resulted in four Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Awards!  Each Non-ster has it’s own wonderful, whimsical baby-like personality traits. Meet the Non-sters!

la-lee™:  He is lemon colored and always reaching and grabbing for objects to explore.  He has a happy little song in his heart as he works tirelessly to pull himself up to standing.  la-lee has textured circles on his tummy that baby will love to touch.  He comes with a Sassy Circle Rattle that he loves to hold.


ci-ci™:  This tiny dancer twirls and leaps through her day.  Made of soft deep pink plush, ci-ci is never without her satiny pink ballet slippers or her ruffled  tutu. ci-ci is always twirling and so she comes with the perfect toy:  a mini baton rattle.

choo-chew™:  choo-chew loves to chew!  Never without his bib, and ever eager to use his new tooth, choo-chew is always ready for a healthy snack.  He comes with a string of teething veggies that crinkle, rattle and squeak when baby handles them.

ba-bee™:  Made of bright blue wide-wale corduroy, ba-bee is always in motion.  He is attracted to anything with wheels – he even carries a set ofSassy baby keys wherever he goes. ba-bee is very proud:  He was recently named an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal winner.


bumpee™:  This giggly monster has two new teeth!  He is very proud of his pearly whites and seems to be on the verge of getting more, since teethers are his favorite toys.  bumpee comes with two bumpy teethers.

buppy-uppy™:  Arms outstretched, this fuzzy little green guy likes to be the center of attention and is always calling out, “up” to be lifted above the crowd. It is fitting that he comes with a bumblebee teether.  buppy-uppy wants to soar up, up, up, just like the little bee teether he comes with.

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