Sarah Jessica Parker Heads Out With The Twins

Actor Matthew Broderick departed his home in New York City with his son James on Tuesday (January 24) just before his wife actress Sarah Jessica Parker made her way out with the twins Tabitha and Marion with the help of a nanny.

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Sarah Jessica Parker Talks Marriage, Kids, & ‘Sex and the City 3!’

Sarah Jessica Parker opened up to Parade magazine where she discusses everything from her marriage to actor Matthew Broderick to life with her son, James Wilkie, 8, and her 2-year-old twin girls, Tabitha and Loretta.

On fraternal twins Loretta and Tabitha:
“They’re talking, they’re running, they need me.  Loretta is deeply inquisitive: ‘Do you see that, do you hear that, Mama?’ She constantly checks that we are connecting with her.” Her sister is the family princess: “Tabitha does not give; she receives.”

Babysitters? Yes. Live-in help? Not for them.
“We love closing the door and having the only people in the house be our three children and us. It’s such a good feeling to know that we’re competent and capable and that it’s private.”

Any chance for a third Sex and the City movie?
“There is. I know what the story is. It’s a small story, but I think it should be told. The question is, what’s the right time to tell it?”

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Sarah Jessica Parker: I Lose My Appetite

Sarah Jessica Parker opens up about her sleepless nights in Vogue’s August issue, where she details her fears over “the internal lists, the children’s doctor’s appointments, the letters to write, the school projects” and her very busy acting career.

“The thing that’s most surprising to me is how much we do in a day,” she says.

But all of the worries come with a huge positive – raising her three children with husband Matthew Broderick, 49. “Tabitha’s very, very outgoing, but physically she’s very shy. She shakes in elevators; it’s very sweet, like Bambi.”

And Tabitha’s 2-year-old twin, Loretta – “She is pale, like my husband, with piercing blue eyes. But she’s physically bold,” Parker says. “I think it’s funny how much she looks like my husband, except then I look at Loretta and she has my husband’s mouth and sort of sad eyes, you know the kind that go down? The Broderick eyes. They both really look like him.”

But with her very busy schedule, do they have live-in help? “We don’t have any live-in help. We’re pretty hands-on parents,” Parker insists. “That’s something that’s important to both of us, and we don’t shirk it, because what’s the point in having a family if you’re not going to really participate in it, you know?”

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