Sandra Bullock Says Keeping Adoption Secret Was Like “Witness Protection”



Before Sandra Bullock officially adopted her daughter, Laila, 3, she was her foster mom first.  The actress was so afraid of the press finding out and potentially ruining her chances at adoption that she had to keep her hidden the best she could.

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Sandra Bullock Picks Up Her Son Louis

He is growing up so fast!

Actress Sandra Bullock was snapped by photographers as she arrived at her son Louis’s school in Los Angeles, Calif. to pick him up after a long day of learning on Thursday. Sandra kept her back to the cameras as she watched her son strut his stuff to the car on his own.

Despite rumors that Sandra is planning on adopting a second child in order to give little Louis a baby sister, sources close to the actress say it’s untrue. But knowing Sandy, she’ll probably surprise us all as did Charlize Theron this past week and probably announce that she’s adopted a baby a few months after the fact! She is after all a very private celebrity mother.

What do you think? Should Sandra adopt a second child?

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Why Sandra Bullock Returned To Work After Divorce, Adoption

Coming off from a very public divorce and act of betrayal, Sandra Bullock had a lot to face when returning to work. But it was her newly adopted son, Louis, who influenced her to keep moving.

Bullock recently discussed how Louis influenced her to take a part in Stephen Daldry’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

“Whatever next opportunity that I was given had to be an amazing opportunity for myself and for my son. So we had a great time,” Bullock explained. “It was no longer being a selfish actress having a moment. I wanted to have an amazing time with [Louis] and myself, and fortunately, Mr. Daldry presented that. In every possible way, it was the best!”

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