Angelina Jolie Feels Like A Waitress

Angelina Jolie loves to pack lunches for her kids, but they are demanding and picky, just like all other kids at those ages:

The problem with my packed lunches is everybody is very, very outspoken about what they want, so it becomes – I often say, ‘I’m not a waitress!’ “

She joked about her fears for what her family’s food consumption will like as her six kids get older.

“We go through so much food, And they’re still little. So, I can imagine it’s going to get worse.”

I can’t even imagine feeding SIX teenagers!  Yikes!  Good thing she and Brad Pitt have good paying jobs!  hah!

Here’s Angelina at the German premiere of ‘Salt’ this week. Have you seen the movie yet? I thought it was good!

Photos by FAME