Life’s A Beach For Adam Sandler And Family

Exclusive... Adam Sandler & Family Enjoy A Beach StrollWhile most families have been hanging out at the Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch this month, Adam Sandler and his crew decided to cling to summer a bit longer and hit the beach!  Adam, his wife Jackie and their daughters (and another friend) headed to the beach in Malibu with their adorable dog to spend some family time together.

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Supporting Sunny At Softball

Exclusive... Adam Sandler & Family Leaving His Daughters Softball Game

Sunny Sandler has her very own cheering section!  Adam Sandler, his wife Jackie and their oldest daughter Sadie, headed out this weekend to attend Sunny’s softball game together.  Adam, dressed once again in his signature basketball shorts and an Iron Man t-shirt, treated his girls to hotdogs and drinks after the big game.

Sunny was sweet in her orange and white softball uniform, while big sister Sadie sported a smiley face jersey with pink sleeves and black leggings.  These girls are going to be teenagers before we know it! I have to wonder if Adam will be the dad who makes the girls earn their first cars and makes them drive something sensible rather than an expensive “Hollywood” kid type car? What do you think?

Photos by Fameflynet

Shoe Shopping With The Girls

Adam Sandler & Family Shopping For Running Shoes

Celeb dad Adam Sandler spent his weekend shoe shopping with his ladies.  Adam, wife Jackie Sandler, and their sweet girls Sunny and Sadie hit up Frontrunners in Brentwood.  The girls were in the market for some new running shoes, so it wasn’t too painful for Adam.  Running shoes and basketball shorts are sort of his “area”.

Adam has a new movie coming out this May.  Adam reteamed with Drew Barrymore for another romantic comedy, “Blended”.   The movie’s summary, “After a bad blind date, a man and woman find themselves stuck together at a resort for families, where their attraction grows as their respective kids benefit from the burgeoning relationship.”  This sounds cute, right?!

Adam also has “The Cobbler” due out sometime in 2014, but no other info is available just yet.

Photos by Fameflynet

Takes His Girls Out In Brentwood

Adam Sandler & Family At The Malibu Country Mart

Adam Sandler and his girls spent the day out and about in Brentwood.  Adam, his wife Jackie and their daughters, Sunny and Sadie, were spotted doing some shopping at the Brentwood Country Mart yesterday afternoon.

Jackie was trying to go incognito with her huge wide brimmed hat, but I think it had the opposite affect.  Sadie happily held her dad’s hand and chatted with him as they all headed back to the car.  Adam was, of course, in his signature basketball shorts.  He’s mentioned in the past that his girls always ask him to stop wearing them, but I guess he just can’t quit those half-pants!

Photos by Fameflynet