Madonna & Guy Ritchie Settle Custody Case Over Rocco

madonna-and-roccoMadonna, Guy Ritchie, and their son Rocco were all due back in court today, but there was no need: Madonna and Guy reached a settlement in the custody case.

RELATED: For the time being, Rocco is staying in London with Guy Ritchie rather than return to London.

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Madonna Back In London Amidst Custody Battle Over Son Rocco

Exclusive... Madonna Catches A Flight To London To Try And Win Custody Of Her SonHere’s Madonna arriving at Heathrow Airport. It looks like she’s going to visit her 15-year-old son Rocco, who’s currently living with his father Guy Ritchie. Madonna and Guy still have to negotiate a new custody agreement since Rocco is refusing to return to live with his mother.

RELATED: Judge rules that Rocco can stay with his father Guy Ritchie in London while Guy and Madonna negotiate a new custody agreement.

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Breaking News: Rocco To Stay With Guy Ritchie Rather Than Return To Madonna

madonna and roccoMadonna and Guy Ritchie’s attorney’s faced off in a New York court today, along with a lawyer representing Rocco Ritchie. Madonna wants their son, Rocco, to return to live with her, but he wants to stay in London with Guy. The judge ruled that Rocco can stay with his father for the time being while Madonna and Guy work out a new custody agreement.

RELATED: Madonna posts a throwback picture of Rocco.

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Madonna Posts Throwback Pic Of Rocco

madonna's son roccoMadonna isn’t hiding the fact that misses her son Rocco, who’s in London with his father, Guy Ritchie. Rocco refuses to leave his father and return to his mother’s care. They’re all due in court in New York to sort out custody issues next month. The singer posted a throwback picture of her son.

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Madonna Misses Rocco

madonna and rocco in malawiI can’t even imagine what Madonna must be going through right now. She’s still separated from her son Rocco: he remains in London with his father, Guy Ritchie. They are all scheduled to appear in court next month to sort out custody.

RELATED: Madonna flew to London to see Rocco and get him to come back with her: he refused.

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