Robbie Williams Confesses To Calling Gwyneth Paltrow’s Daughter By The Wrong Name

Whoa! Robbie Williams sure doesn’t pull any punches, now does he? The new father confessed recently that he called Gwyneth Paltrow‘s daughter by the wrong name. Here’s what he says:

“Recently the two of them [Chris and Gwyneth] were over at my house for a party. Gwyneth came over to me with her kiddo and I asked, ‘Does little melon like an apple?’ So embarrassing! I mixed it up! But that happens if you have a stupid name like that. You should save your child from that.”

Whoa! What do you think of Robbie’s comments? Do you think that was fair of him to say that?

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Robbie Williams Plans On Taking His Newborn Daughter On Tour With Him

Have baby, will travel! It looks like fatherhood won’t be stopping Robbie Williams from doing what he does best as he plans on taking his newborn daughter Theodora Rose on tour with him. The new father, who along with his wife Ayda Fields, says that little Teddy will be traveling the world with him on their private jet when he goes on his new tour.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he said: “It’ll be easy to tour with the baby. We travel privately. There’ll be Mummy, Nanny, baby and me.”

The 38-year-old singer recently revealed his hopes for his little girl, saying: “All I want her to have is manners, [To say] ‘Yes please’ and ‘thank you’, and to be kind.

“Those are the things I want her to be and if she’s those things then she can get away with murder for me.”

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Robbie Williams Doesn’t Want To Raise His Daughter In Los Angeles

It looks like now that Robbie Williams is a father, he might be packing his bags and moving back to England. According to the British pop star, he doesn’t want to raise his newborn daughter Teddy in Los Angeles as he’s not to keen about their schools or the pupils, for that matter. Here’s what he says:

’I don’t want to educate our baby in LA because I would much prefer her to have English sensibilities.’

‘I think kids there have a massive sense of entitlement, are dull and dumb. It means me coming back to the UK for good but I can live with that. It’s worth being pestered for her to have a good school.

‘I want the baby to have an English passport, we’re still figuring out exactly whereabouts the baby is going to be brought up.

‘I had a conversation with the wife last night about where we’re going to end up but we still don’t know.’

Tell us Babyrazzi readers, what do you think of Robbie’s choice words?

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Robbie Wililams “Terrified” Of Fatherhood

Father-to-be Robbie Williams reveals that he is both “overjoyed” and “terrified” about impending fatherhood. The British chart topper and former boy bander told the British press this week:

“I have been genuinely overjoyed and terrified and then going back between the two on a daily basis and today I’m overjoyed and I can’t wait.”

He even reveals the baby’s sex by saying:

“I know the sex of the baby and I’m very, very excited. I can’t tell you, the Mrs is like ‘Don’t go telling’ and I said I won’t. It’s a girl. I’m very, very excited about becoming a daddy, I can’t wait.”

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Robbie Williams And His Wife Are Expecting Baby #1

Singer Robbie Williams and his wife, actress Ayda Field, are expecting their first child together.  He gushed the happy news to his fans:

“Hey Friendlies.I’Ve Been Keeping A Secret From You All.Me And Ayda Are Going To Be Mummy And Daddy This Year.We Had Sex! It Works! WE’Ve Seen Scans And Cried..Looked At Babies In Commercials And Teared Up…The Nursery Is Already Planned”. Clearly overjoyed with the news, Robbie added, “Basically I’M In Love With A Little Person Growing In Mummy’s Belly..And Can’T Wait To Be A Daddy.Crying Now. Much Love Much Joy. Roberto, Mum And Little Bump”.

Ayda and Robbie have been married since 2010.

Congrats to the happy parents-to-be!


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