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Day Out With Thomas!


I finally had an opportunity to do something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time now and that’s take the kids to see Thomas the Train live and in person! While a trip to England to actually see the Thomas the Train amusement park might not be in the cards right now (or the island of Sodor for that matter!), Thomas and his crew came to see us at the Goldcoast Railway Museum in Miami for the annual Day Out With Thomas event.

When we got to the museum, we started off our morning with a very fun-filled 25-minute actual train ride on Thomas which the kids absolutely LOVED. Living in Florida, we don’t have many opportunities to ride on public transportation, so this was a pure treat that the kids loved from start to finish. The kids even got Junior Engineer certificate (which they got to color in at home), which was a super special treat, too. After our train ride, we were treated to a tour of the museum, storybook time with Thomas and his friends, and plenty of activities (including coloring, a sandpit, multiple bounce houses, games, and even a tattoo station) to keep the children entertained for a good few hours. Some of our highlights were also getting to take our picture with Thomas (he looks so authentic, doesn’t he?) and Sir Topham Hat. And if that wasn’t enough, the kids were also given plenty of goodies to take home, which included Thomas lego blocks, coloring books and a Mike the Knight DVD which we watched in the car on the way home.

This was definitely a fun day out that I would consider doing again with my kids, (and especially for my son, who at 2, probably won’t remember this as well as my 5-year-old who had a blast). Plus, it’s Thomas and how can you not love him and his adorable theme song (which just so happened to play during our train ride, too). Check out all of my fun photos below and let us know what you think!

If you are interested in taking your family to see Thomas the Train, tickets are on sale now by calling toll-free 866.468.7630 or logging onto  For more information and directions, contact the Gold Coast Railroad Museum at 305-253-0063 or

For general information or to find a Day Out With Thomas: The Go Go Thomas Tour 2013 event near you,

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