Mary-Louise Parker Says Her Kids Are Already Aspiring Actors

Mary-Louise Parker, star of the Showtime series “Weeds”, opened up about her entertaining children during a press conference for her new movie “Red”.  She said of her two kids, William, 6, and Caroline, 4:

My children are putting on shows all day long, I have a stage in my home actually because I was tired of them using the coffee table and the dining room table. So all day long it’s, ‘Ladies and gentleman, turn off your cell phones.’”

There was a musical the other day called, The Absent Spaceman that my son wrote, and he thought the song ‘Hello, Dolly’ was about Salvador Dali. I swear to God, my hand to God he did, so he kind of rewrote that and made a paper mustache. It’s really cute.”

Photo by FAME

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