Shopping With An Injured Skyler?

Rachel Zoe & Famly Shopping In Malibu

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe was out and about with her favorite little guy this weekend.  Rachel and her son Skyler were spotted doing some shopping and stopping for treats together in L.A.  They shared some sweet moments – feeding each other treats and sharing kisses before heading out on their way.

Last week I noticed something stuck to Skyler’s forehead as they played at the park and thought maybe it was a sticker since I couldn’t zoom properly.  In this set of photos, you can clearly see it’s a bandage of some sort.  It almost looks like he might have stitches underneath it.  Poor guy!

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Rachel Zoe
Park Playdate In The Wake Of Pregnancy Rumor Denial

Rachel Zoe & Family Spend The Day At A Park In Malibu

After making headlines yesterday with her denial of being pregnant with baby #2, Rachel Zoe headed off to the park with her husband Rodger Berman and their son Skyler.

Skyler had a fun time playing in the sand with his giant blue plastic rake, even opting to take it down the slide with him.  Rachel tried to pry it from him, but Skyler was insistent on taking it down with him.  Rodger pushed Skyler on the swings and they all had a good time playing happily all afternoon.

Is it just me or does Skyler have a sticker stuck to his forehead?  I tried to zoom in and it looks like a sticker, not a bandage, but I could be wrong!

Photos by Fameflynet

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Denies Pregnancy Rumors

Rachel Zoe & Rodger Berman Take Son Skyler To Lunch

Rachel Zoe is not pregnant with baby #2.  Last month all of the major outlets were reporting that Rachel and Rodger Berman were expecting a second child together.  Rachel never confirmed or denied the rumors and since reputable sites were claiming it as truth, we were shocked to see Rachel now saying it’s untrue.

Over the weekend a paparazzi photog congratulated Rachel on her pregnancy and she responded with “who said I was pregnant?”.  When the photog said “so you’re not pregnant?”, Rachel responded with a shake of the head and a “no”.

This has me wondering why Rachel didn’t deny it right off the bat when big sites like People were stating it as fact.  I hope it’s not that something has happened in the interim like a miscarriage.  Hopefully it’s just that Rachel didn’t feel like issuing a statement one way or the other about the rumors.

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Bump Watch At The Grocery Store


Now that is what you call one very stylish mama! Pregnant Rachel Zoe was spotted doing a little shopping with her adorable son Skyler while in Malibu, Calif. on Friday afternoon.

We just can’t help but wonder though, where are Skyler’s shoes?? Maybe he’s just making a toddler fashion statement, LOL (his mother is a stylist after all!). Take a look at our photo gallery below and tell us, can you see Rachel’s bump in any of these pics here?

Photos by FameFlynet

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