Rachel Griffiths Has A Family Of Gypsies

Brothers & Sisters star Rachel Griffiths recently relocated her family including kids, BanjoAdelaide and Clementine, from Australia to New York City while she takes the stage in Broadway’s Other Desert Cities.

“My kids are trans-Pacific. We’re gypsies,” says actress Rachel Griffiths of her traveling brood.

On juggling career & kids: “I have a fantastic nanny, and I’m very, very lucky to have family in New York, or else I would be not doing it quite as graciously as I think I am. I have been extraordinarily lucky, and I do count my blessings. It has been a phenomenal decade both work-wise and these three little nutjobs that my children are.”

On packing up her family and moving to New York: “We’re all here. Everybody’s starting school and playgroups, and finding our way around the city. My boy [Banjo, who turns eight in November] is looking out the window right now. He is somewhat intimidated to go out into the busy street! It’s the most gorgeous time of year to be in Manhattan working on what I believe is the best American play of the decade.”

On a possible return to TV: “You know, when this play came up, I was so excited to have the freedom to do it. Although I had the most satisfying five years on Brothers & Sisters, not being signed to a series creates opportunities to work with other voices. For a couple of years, I’d rather do shorter-term projects and work with different actors. When my two-year-old is closer to school age, I’ll be up for something a bit more stable and regular again.”

You can read Rachel’s entire interview at Broadway.com.

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