Puj Tub Baby Bath Tub

Introducing a revolutionary new way to bathe your baby: the Puj Tub baby bath tub!

If you are like me, you use either the big bulky plastic tubs or your full size bathroom tub for bathing your babies.  Using the full size tub is hard on your back and knees to be leaning and reaching and kneeling and it’s just an uncomfortable process that’s no fun for mom or baby.  The plastic tubs allow you to stand while giving your baby a bath, but they are big and if you don’t have the counter space right next to your kitchen sink, you place the tub on a kitchen table and it is heavy and messy to carry it and the water splashes everywhere.  The new Puj Tub baby bath tub changes all that!

The Puj Tub is the easiest, most convenient baby tub ever!  The Puj Tub is made from a soft foam that folds and conforms to almost any sink.  It cradles and protects your baby – it provides support, but it’s not hard and uncomfortable. It also doesn’t take up a lot of room – it lays flat and can even be hung on the back of the bathroom door!  No more hunting for a good hiding spot for the bulky plastic tub!

A few key features:

  • Stores Flat
  • Soft, non-slip foam that is PVC and BPA-free
  • Fits in any standard bathroom sink
  • Cradles baby, allowing you to have both hands free
  • Works for newborns up to 6 months (17 lbs)
  • Space-saving design
  • Conserves water
  • Super easy to wipe clean and dry off

We tested out the tub in 3 different styles of bathroom sinks (not all in one house – we wish!) and it was a perfect fit in all three.  It takes seconds to pull it from the box and you are ready to go – just add water and a baby!

Even Television personality and actor Mario Lopez is a big fan of the Puj Tub.  He tweeted a photo of his new daughter enjoying her bath time in the Puj.  (note the hands-free ability to take photos while simultaneously giving her a bath! LOL!)

You can find the Puj Tub at Target or you can even order direct from the company here.

*sample was provided for review

Photos provided by Puj Tub

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