Tori Spelling Writes A Children's Book

Tori Spelling already has 3 books under her belt, but the mom of two is taking her first stab at writing a children’s book.  “Presenting…Tallulah” hit book shelves yesterday and Tori has been busy on the promotional tour.  This week she was hitting the NYC morning shows and sharing pictures along the way.  If you follow Tori on Twitter, you can see her busy week.  She is heading back home to L.A. today.

The book sounds like it carries a great message:

All her life, Tallulah has heard what she’s not supposed to do: Don’t get dirty…don’t talk loudly… don’t wear jeans like all the other kids. “You’re not that kind of girl,” everybody keeps telling her. Tallulah knows plenty about what she can’t do and what she shouldn’t do, about what kind of girl she isn’t. But it’s up to her to figure out what kind of girl she is. New York Times bestselling author Tori Spelling and illustrator Vanessa Newton bring us the story of a spunky little girl who, with the help of some special friends, is able to discover exactly who she is.

Have you read any of Tori’s other books? Do you think you’ll pick up a copy of her new one?

Photos by FAME