Hilary Duff Admits To Over Eating During Her Pregnancy

Don’t worry, Hilary Duff, because we’ve all been there. Especially this mother-of-two who gained well over 50 pounds during both of her pregnancies!

Hilary recently admitted on Bethenny Frankel’s new talk show that she “ate a lot” during her pregnancy and especially during her last trimester. The new celebrity mom revealed:

“I feel like there’s a lot of it. You’re craving more and you’re hungry, but don’t you think on some level it’s your first child? And you’re saying, ‘This is it; I can go for a free for all.’ And it’s sort of like a binge. Don’t you think?”

“Also my whole life you know I worked out and exercised and been in the public eye and always watched what I ate. This was like a vacation. I had a blast. I wouldn’t go back and change it. I had a lot of fun.”

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Kourtney Kardashian “Hyperventilates” Over Queso Dip!

Kourtney Kardashian may regularly be a health nut, but with a bun in the oven, all of her precautions have flown out the window – especially when queso dip is involved!

As Kourtney visited younger sister Khloe Kardashian is Dallas, Texas, she began to concede to her pregnancy cravings. “She wanted to go somewhere, some Spanish restaurant,” Khloe said on The Rachael Ray Show (airing Wednesday). “She’s pregnant and has been having cravings, and she couldn’t get it out of her head!”

Even though Khloe wanted to wait for her hubby Lamar Odom to get out of practice before heading to dinner, “she was like, ‘I cant. I’m just going to go and eat there twice,'” Khloe said. “And she was, like, hyperventilating, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s just queso dip!”

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Hilary Duff Reveals Her Weird Pregnancy Craving

While on Good Morning America, Hilary Duff revealed her odd pregnancy craving.

She said, “When I get something on my mind I want, I want it now, I’m ferocious. I’m always up for Red Hots, which is so weird because I’ve never liked them before. Thank god it isn’t fried and covered in butter.”

Duff told OK! magazine, “I like chocolate-covered pretzels right now a lot. I’ve always been a pickle girl, but those aren’t really bad for you. There’s a lot of sodium, but at least it’s not fried or fattening. Honestly, it hasn’t been too bad yet.”

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