Does Victoria Beckham Have Postpartum Depression?

According to sources close to Victoria Beckham, not only is the celebrity mother-of-four feeling exhausted lately, but she could possibly be suffering from postpartum depression, as well.

Victoria has recently revealed that even though she might be looking miserable on the red carpet, she actually isn’t, and is just tired from juggling motherhood with her four children and keeping up with her busy fashion line and career. Sources close to her also say that she might be having the baby blues too. Here’s what Life & Style Magazine say:

“Victoria is on her last legs,” explains a source, adding, “She’s not eating enough to get through the day. She’s overworked, exhausted and painfully thin.”

And the mom of four has also supposedly been “irritable” and “having mood swings.”

“She’s very snappy and has been making everyone’s life hell behind the scenes,” states an alleged fashion insider.

We hope Victoria gets the rest she needs soon!

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Bryce Dallas Howard Suffered a “Wave of Nothingness” After The Birth Of Her Son

Bryce Dallas Howard, who is currently expecting her second child, is scared that she may get the same feelings of darkness she experienced after giving birth to her son, now 4. The actress experienced postpartum depression for 18 months following the birth.

“It was so weird because he was born and it was just like this wave of nothingness,” Bryce tells the ladies of The Talk. “It was like the further — again, a terrible thing to admit — but the further away that he was from me, the more normal I felt.”

“It was like the closer in proximity I got to him I just started to get sucked into this kind of really dark place. I mean it was insidious. It was horrible.”

Although she is worried, Bryce is confident that she’s strong enough to pull through with the support of family and friends.

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