A Sneak Peak: The New Mountain Buggy +one

I have been very fortunate to have been given an early test visit with the brand new, soon to be released +one from Mountain Buggy.  This is a stroller that I have been waiting for a very long time and it has not disappointed me. If I were going to design a stroller that suits my daily wants and needs in a stroller, first it would be a Mountain Buggy and second it would be the +one. As with every single Mountain Buggy that I have tested, I love it. The +one offers a fabulous single stroller that still feels like a fabulous single stroller even when it’s outfitted for two riders. And I’m going to say it again, I love it. This is the most all terrain, easy pushing, go anywhere yet still pretty lightweight single to double you will find. I can lift this one with one hand, put it in the back of my car, still have room for plenty of other gear or even another stroller (not that I need it), roll through any door, store, crowd, over any terrain from flat sidewalk to squishy mud pit with 1 or 2 riders on board. The stroller is great as a single and just as great as a double- one handed pushing over the worst terrain or through the tightest crowds is a piece of cake. I really love that if only 1 rider is on board, this stroller doesn’t feel like it’s a half-empty double plus you really do get a great added space for storage that is super convenient. It is the perfect stroller for us for school drop off, that back seat can hold a rider or all of our gear without having to reach down to the  basket. And it all folds up in 1 piece which is also really fabulous.


The +one comes complete with the main single stroller configuration, an infant cocoon (to be used in single or double mode) and the second seat (see below for configuration options). Standard on this fabulous 3 wheeler are 12” air filled tires, rear suspension, a huge canopy that covers both riders, has zip open mesh panels and can ratchet forward to cover just the front rider or pop back enough to just cover the rear rider or be raised to offer more headroom, rear brake, adjustable handlebar, bumper bar, standing fold, lockable front wheel, wrist strap and a bottle holder (holds my huge water bottle perfectly). A new addition is the twist and slide harness which allows you to quickly adjust the height of the straps without re-threading, a super addition if you alternate between riders of different ages and sizes as I do. Optional accessories are a rain cover, zip in sunshade, carrycot, car seat adaptor, travel bag, the freerider (see our review here), and the many other mountain buggy universal accessories. The stroller weighs in at just under 30 pounds, is 25 inches wide and holds 44 pounds per seat.

In Use

First of all you have to put it together, which really doesn’t take that long even if you’re adding the second seat. The Mountain Buggy assembly video makes it all very easy to figure out. Set up as a single the +one really does feel much like an Urban Jungle. To convert to a double, you just unzip the seat extender and add the cocoon or the second seat. The seat extender does extend back quite a bit, so you won’t be able to use a ride on board, like the freerider, in doubles mode, but you can use one in single mode. If you’re adding the second seat, you also unzip the footwell for the back rider’s feet. At first glance it appears a bit small, but if you just slide the second seat back a bit, the space really opens up. The rear rider is a bit higher than the front rider, unless the rear rider is pretty young. I thought the view might be a bit restricted back there, but even my 22 month old could see her surroundings just fine. I was also concerned that the footwell might not go over very well with my two testers, but both had no problem with it at all. My 3 year old was very happy in the back and didn’t even notice that the footwell was something a bit different. My 22 month old alternated between feet in and feet up, but when she rode with her feet up, she dropped her iPod into the footwell for some hands free viewing which she really enjoyed. The seats are not huge, but even my 3 year old fits well in the front and back with room to spare. I did also test out both seats with my 4 year old and he was pretty close to the limits of the seat, but he is huge, really huge for a 4 year old and just about at the weight limit anyway. He fit pretty well in the front- plenty of headroom actually, but he felt a bit closed in in the back seat and didn’t have quite enough room for his legs to fit comfortably. Though to be fair, he is really not a stroller rider anyway and almost never rides at this point, but could ride in the front if needed without difficulty. If you have 2 really big riders, you’d be better served by a larger stroller like the Duo (which we love), but for any other combination, it’s a great option. I love knowing that I really can go anywhere with the +one and easily push 2, hold the hand of one more and keep track of number 4 plus lug their gear (in the basket that is not filled up by tiny feet) all without difficulty, struggling, tipping, getting stuck or enduring the nasty looks I get when I try to push through a crowd or down an aisle with a full sized double. When I’m out with just one or two of my little ones it still super fabulous in every way.

The +one really handles well under all circumstances. This stroller really can go anywhere you want to go. The width is the same as a single of course, so you just fit where ever you want to be. That in itself is a major plus. Another plus is the fabulous Mountain Buggy structure that cannot be beat. The ride is as smooth as it is easy to push and it is easy. We are getting to the point that any double stroller can be hard to push with 2 of my hefty riders on board, but this was not a problem with the +one. I can easily push it one handed even when loaded up with 50 plus pounds of riders and a full basket. The lightweight frame, fabulous air tires and the rear suspension help it to just glide and pop over anything in it’s path. I haven’t tried one finger yet, but I have pushed it with just a few fingers. With those great tires, it even pops up stairs easily. It’s just flat out fantastic. We have some pretty crazy stroller needs and the +one hits it on every mark. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s taken so long just to get to try it out and that it’s only here for a short visit. We will really miss it when it’s goes home and we’ll be counting the days until it’s actually released.

The Mountain Buggy +one is a superb option for those who want the versatility of a single to double and also want the very best possible ride, push and features that a Mountain Buggy offers. (Be warned: if you want one, get your order in quickly. Even though the +one hasn’t been released yet and will just begin shipping this week, it’s already backorderd in many places, for good reason. Price will be $649.) I really do measure all other strollers against Mountain Buggies because they always offer the best of what I want in a stroller. The +one offers all of that in a really unique package. If a side by side suits you better, be sure to check out the new super slim Mountain Buggy Duet, already available and another great option at 25” wide (full review to come soon here on BabyRazzi, but you can see my quick comparison between the two here now). Please visit the Mountain Buggy website for more details about the +one and all of the other super fine Mountain Buggy strollers.

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